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Welcome to Psionic Circle! You are about to embark on an amazing journey. It is the journey of the Soul. It is a journey that is as natural as walking to work. On the way you will see many things, meet may people.


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Tools to Steer Your Life

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Counselling and Advisory

Are you needing to speak with someone regarding your life and directions?  We can help.  Our trained counselors are waiting for your call.

  1.  Relationships
  2.  Personal Problems
  3.  Career Pathways
  4.  General Direction
  5.  Reality Adjustment
Psionic Products We Sell

Do you want to try and practice with the tools of Psionics?  Here are some of the products we sell to the general public.

Every item that we sell has be selected and programed.  In addition all of our products come with instructions for their use.

Inception 2010 (What is Real?)

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