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  • Initiation Program
    Initiation Program
      Last Update:  December 22, 2021 Introduction So, most of you have probably read the information on Grades of Humanity and Initiation Defined If you, haven't it is strongly suggested.  On the subject of Initiation, it is part and parcel with the subject of Grades.  The Initiations defines the lessons and the growth, which is likely to occur, and the Grades marks the conclusion of the initiations.  What wasn't added to the article is the importance of the Grades or their relevance outside of just general understanding.  The importance is of great significance to some people and not important to others.  However, all manner of beings go through Grades and Initiations and this includes all Kingdoms in Nature, from the most elemental Mineral Kingdom through human onwards to spiritual.  As such it is very important for all humans to know their grades and where on the evolutionary ladder they are located.  And to say that it is also of grave important to know the grade of your friends, associates, and business colleagues is an understatement.  The Grade of your City State and Country is also important and should be a factor.  As your associations will either cause you to succeed in life or cause you to fail.  And since success is the main reason, you are on the planet, success is of great concern for the intelligent and evolving person of our modern world.   There are a great number of people who do not desire success.  It is very easy to find a person who doesn't care about themselves or anything else.  These people certainly have not undergone very high initiations and grades.  It is not a falsity that humans have a specific purpose for being on the Earth and that their continuation is contingent upon them proceeding in an evolutionary manner.  Failure of “correct" and "positive" evolution may have been the cause of previous ice ages, the deluge floods, potential asteroid and comet collisions, volcanic desolation, and a host of other violent natural disasters.  There is and always have been a Great Plan set out, first for the planet, and…
  • Controlling Your InnerVerse
    Controlling Your InnerVerse
    Everyone on the planet knows that they have a duty of care to develop themselves physically emotionally and mentally.  Most people forget about the energetic and spiritual duty of care.  This articles outlines a system to develop your OuterVerse through the InnerVerse. Original Date  September 2, 2021 Last Update: December 14, 2021 Author: Sabrina Lemire Introduction Nature compels humanity to move forward.  As the universe around us is constantly expanding, so too is the growth and evolution of every living thing on the planet.  And that certainly includes the human being.   And every person that is not incumbered by mental or physical health problems will certainly want to grow and develop to their fullest capacity.  Human development is not only within the body through growth, but also in mind, quality of thoughts, life and lifestyle.  Anyone who doesn't want to grow and become more not only breaks the Laws of Nature, but also violates the laws of health and wellbeing.  The changing seasons give evidence in nature as to the changes that can and must occur.  The first day of Spring is never exactly the same as it was the previous year, and it can be seen cycles and changes within cycles. Humanity as a whole always seeks "the truth".  And that truth lies in the Laws of Nature.  Sir Isaac Newton discovered universal principles that have manifested in our normal day as Laws of Nature.  These particular laws govern the macrocosmic world, that is the world of large matter.  The purpose of this article is to give the reader instructions on how to work with these changes using universal concepts of truth.  In order that they might create a field of change and develop their own world which is unique, special, and sacred only to them.  Once they learn how to create, govern and control their world then they have passed a very important initiation.  See the articles entitled "Initiation Defined"  and "The Grades of Humanity".   As was stated in these articles you may believe that you can avoid growth and evolution, however, this is only due to your…
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