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  • Water: Life Protection
    Water: Life Protection
    Introduction In a previous article we discussed the rudiments of the human aura.  Today we go into a little more detail with the theme and focus being on self-protection.  Human beings are constantly being bombarded by various electromagnetic influences that range from sound to light to the highest radiations.  They can be found as noise on the streets, your mobile phone as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G radiations and many other technological systems including the electrical power towers.   In the Psionic world we always protect each area of our human biological systems.  We also teach our children and other family members how to protect themselves. It is no secret that the world has not historically been a very safe place.  99% of everything that ever lived is now extinct physically, and humans cannot be held accountable as the sole cause of the extinction.  Natural disasters and the evolutionary forces caused by various species of beings and organisms have been a major cause and threat to life diversity on planet Earth.  Therefore, it behoves all of us to be prepared physically, mentally, and energetically for any and all potential causes of destruction.   As we learned in the previous article the human aura is the first indicator and warning source for humans. The purpose of this article is to give you our trusted reader a more in-depth understanding of the human aura, and to present to you a practical course of action to be taken to protect yourself and your family against harmful EM (electromagnetic) radiations coming from any external source, including human, mobile devices power stations and other forms of technology.   The diligent practice of the few basic exercises and skills that you will be obtain from reading this article will ensure your personal energies will be protected, safe, and will expand so that you will become the best version of yourself.  To this end we will begin with clearly defining the aura, move on to its composition and functions and will end with exercises to develop your aura and build it to protect yourself and family.   Definition of the…
  • Fire Spells Myth?
    Fire Spells Myth?
    When talking about witchcraft, we usually think about black magick and how it has put humankind into danger, whether it is scenes from the books or from movies. Magick and spell-casting are surrounded by myths and misconceptions which eventually buried its true essence and principles. For the followers of magick, they would refer it to magick to differentiate from the illusion created by magicians. What are these myths and how come they are not real? Myth 1: Those who practice spell-casting and magick worship the Devil or Satan. For those who practice and follow witchcraft, good and evil is relevant. What is important is that every magick or spell are carefully though over and it would not harm anyone. In addition to that, Devil or Satan is a Christian construct. It is not included in the witch’s pantheon. Hell is another Christian construct and Wiccans and pagan believers do not believe it. It does not mean that because they are not concerned with hell they would commit evil acts. Wiccans and pagans commit good acts because they know that this would reflect later on in their lives and even in their next life. Myth 2: Spells have that visual and sound effects just like in Harry Potter films. Spells, for Wicca followers and pagan believers, are like prayers for Christians. They can be a way of communicating with the universe your intent or desire. Spells could also be a way of communicating with the gods and goddesses. Spells do not have the sound and video effects like in movies. In fact, spells do not have or manifest within the next few hours. Usually, it would take weeks or sometimes months before the spells would take effect. Spells could be about wealth, health, energy, peace and even love. Myth 3. Casting spells would require very rare materials. Casting spells do not require you to use rare and weird materials, just like in movies. Spell-caters would usually use natural materials like herbs, incense, candles, oils, flowers and other essences. In spell-casting, what is important is the emotion and the intent. Focusing your…
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