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  • Chemistry: The Heart of Science
    Natural Science
    Chemistry: The Heart of Science
    Chemistry has affectionately been called the Central Science.  At its core is understanding to the very fabric of the Universe and Humans as the microcosm.  In Psionic Chemistry understanding of the nature and laws of physical and non-physical realities are important to understanding life. Last Update: July 19 2021 Introduction In Psionics, we look at, explore, use and manipulate the concepts, Laws, and the elements of all of the Sciences.   It is thought that the Creator invented the Sciences and Man has discovered them, much as a young boy plays with a stick and discovers the various uses of them and creates a name for the types of sticks and their uses.  The function of Science, then is to allow Man a platform in which he can use, manage and play with the forces that they command, as every scientist commands their own armies of information. Chemistry is the Supreme and Central Science that gives Man the power to blend together different elements to create compounds, substances, molecules, and from cells through to organisms.  His experiments are governed by Empirical Law which forces the viewpoint that each result must be able to be duplicated whilst using the same components and procedures.  Any anomalies are held as such anomalies and are not viewed as important except for if the flukes later evade chaos and become explainable. We are all reminded of our earlier years playing with the Chemistry sets that we received for Christmas.  The components that we explored such as the Bunsen burner, test tubes, flasks and the wonderful array of chemicals were our tools to learn how nature forms new things and destroys or modified the old. In this little article we will briefly introduce some of the elements of Psionics that will be address further in the Psionic Circle Chemistry Course.  The Study of  Psionic Chemistry, offer you another level of understanding of life.  This level represents the astral and emotional level of Psionics life in addition to the physical.  The areas that we will include in the Course are the following and in order: In this…
  • Chemical Sciences | Introducing Atoms
    Natural Science
    Chemical Sciences | Introducing Atoms
    Last Updated:  October 25 2021   Introduction Atoms make up all of the substances in the universe both in the tangible and intangible worlds.  As a Psion, it is important to have a firm understanding of the concepts of atoms.  And in this article we will discuss atoms, their properties and characteristics.  With this understanding a person will then be able to use the information to create their own inner and outer worlds based upon truth and not the Hollywood pseudo-science that people are trying to sell to those unaware of the laws of science, but upon the bedrock of "truth".  The knowledge of atoms is the very foundation of creation.  Its understanding hits the very core of all there is. When you want to look at a "theory of everything", you must first draw back the veils of matter and peer into heart and core of the system of nature and life.  It is the vibrations of the atoms, and their inner constituents of subatomic particles, the electrons, neutrons, and protons, that are the blueprints and templates of everything that we see in life.  Let us start with the atom and see how it structures the world.  In later articles we will go deeper into the atom to see what they  can reveal about the of material and and non material universe that is the inner space.   We will begin the discussion by looking at fractals, which from a precursory view seems unrelated, but as we grow our understanding of the nature of the atom, we will grow our understanding of how fractals fit into our world, through atoms.  We will not explain precisely the importance of fractals in this article but will allude to and leave the subject for the course. So, let us get started...   What are Fractals? In mathematics, a fractal is a subset of Euclidean space with a numeric value dimension for a specific quantitative variable that strictly exceeds its topological dimension. (They are never ending patterns that repeat) Fractals appear the same at different scales, defined by a never-ending pattern that is self-same. Therefore…
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