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    Natural Science
    The Material World
    The study of matter is one of the most important subjects that you can ever know.  Its understanding helps you to determine what is real, and what is becoming.  It also teaches one how to put together that which is not real in a manner that makes it real.   Last Update: October 18 2021 " We are living in a material world and I am a material Girl." ~ Famous Actor Introduction Psionics and Physicality (Matter) Psionics include an understanding of matter and materiality. So, we shall discuss this very important subject from a scientific standpoint, and occasionally extend the discussion into the subject of Psionic. Remember, Psionics is the study of the uses of tangible and non-tangible systems towards life or reality. Most people have a healthy love for the physical world, and that is a positive perspective. Let's face it, it is the first world that we learn about. We open our eyes at birth, and we see our parents smiling faces staring back at us. They appear blurry because your eyes haven't yet focused and tuned into our new world yet, but they appear sold. Most parents put their newborns through rigorous training of detecting differences in textures; smooth, rough, soft and hard. The purpose of this training in materiality is to create strong synaptic connections as the baby grows from infancy to young adulthood. Most children start with 2,500 synaptic connections per neuron and this increases as the child develops. By adulthood in some areas the number grows to 7,000. This is important because each of those connections are important for the person to quickly make sense of their lives. Each of these connections makes it easier for a the person to understand their personal and outer worlds. The world of physicality. It is the most important plane for most of us, and it is the plane that our brains are programmed and most accustomed to navigating through. Actually, our brains are programmed for two planes at birth, although the second plane society and science have discounted as real in the past. In this article,…
  • Psionic Circles Movie Reality Review: Inception 2010
    Movie Review
    Psionic Circles Movie Reality Review: Inception 2010
    Psionic Circles Proudly presents a new segment of our website.  It is entitled Psionic Circles Movie Reality Review.  In this segment we will critically analyze a movie and point out important psychological and more importantly reality themes.  The question is always "Could this Happen in Today's Society? And if so How? Bringing Back a 2010 Block Buster for Reality Analysis Psionic Circles movie reviews Movies are the production of the writer’s creativity.  It has the function of entertaining, educating, taking us to another place, perhaps to a new world far away from modern reality.  Sometimes movies give us a taste of reality from a completely new and different perspective so that we can weigh and measure our lives against its backdrop of the film truths, half-truths, or falsity. Is it Real, we ask ourselves? The function of this section is to outline the major themes of the story as being either fact or fiction. If it is factual and we deem it as occurring in our world, watch out viewers. If it is fiction, Sit back relax, for now. The movie for this week is Inception (2010 movie). Ψ Inception: Psionic Circles Reality Rating – 9 (Viewer Beware )   Our Scale Key: Does Not Exist Anywhere in Time and Space: 1 - 2 May Exists in the Imagination  of a few people Mostly Children: 3 - 5 Probably Exists Somewhere Mostly Teenagers: 6 - 8 Definitely Exists and is Being Performed by Elite or Knowers: 9 - 10     We have given Inception a 9 rating because our research has found sufficient evidence of each of the major twelve major Psionic and Non-Psionic Themes and Values under the broad categories of Psychological and Metaphysical.  Psionics not only looks at the energetic skill or talent cultivated but also looks at the moral and ethical application that is found within the storyline. But let’s start with a brief plot review. Introducing “Inception” Tagline Your mind is the scene of the crime. The dream is real. Plot Dominick Cobb, male in his mid-forties, is a special agent with psychological talents of…
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Inception 2010 (What is Real?)

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