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  • Psionic Circles | The Value of the Human Life
    Ethics Morality
    Psionic Circles | The Value of the Human Life
    Our global society has worked hard towards eradicating tyranny, Communism, Fascism, Dictatorship, and many other autocrats from the world.  We have earned our freedom through the sweat, tears and the lives of many civilians and military personnel.  God Rest their Soul.  They fought and died so that we can be valued. Introduction Is your life worth more than $200,725.00 dollars in 1971 or $1,430,884.72 in today's money?  In 1970, Ford Motors was pressured to produce motor cars that were cheaper and safer than the Japanese and Germans.  The Japanese vehicles at the time were lead by Honda, Toyota, and Datsun.  And there was a rush for the US to get a car on the market to compete.  The engineers worked hard and came up with the Pinto.  There was only one problem.  They failed to perform all of the safety checks for the vehicle! The President of Ford Motors was presented with the huge ethical problem of either redesigning the vehicle at a cost of mullions of dollars, or sending the car to the assembly line and selling the car as is and, with the understanding that they would pay through insurance claims for any and all accidental damage to individuals who had died, at a value of $200,725.00 per person.  Their statistics suggested they would have approximately 180 deaths per year.  This would mean that the total cost for the error would be 180 in deaths =  $36,130,500 per year while they would potentially sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles.  They actually sold 328,275 vehicles. And that year they had less than 30 accidents, no deaths, but a few other injuries that the car company quickly compensated.  Their gain was 682,155,450 vehicles and merely thousands of dollars in compensation.  They quickly made modifications to the vehicle so that subsequent years they were much safer. So this experience begs the question “Can a dollars-and-cents figure be assigned to a Man or Woman's life”?  What do you think?   Our Values Lean Towards Greater and Better Life At Psionic Circles, we believe that the protection and preservation of human life is…
  • Ethics Morality
    Psionics | The Ten Hells of Immorality
    Our society has always admonished its citizens to be our best and to do the "right" thing for ourselves and for others.  We have been warned about the problems of “wrong-doing” and its punishment.  In this article we will discuss virtue from the themes of possession, planes of existence, continuity of life, and the hells.   The Ten Hells of Immorality At Psionic Circles we always extol the benefits of virtue, growth, and evolution. So far, we haven’t discussed the wages of misdeed and the "hells" of the dark use of one's body, mind, and energy field. Today we are going to discuss the dark side of energy, its processes, and transformations. In addition, we will look at the direction that this energy takes a person’s life and how it affects one’s power of control over themselves and others. Human beings are not scalar quantities, but vector entities.  This means they not only have magnitude, but they also have directions.  Every action is both a particle motion that has mass (magnitude), as well as a wave motion that is moving in a direction.  In truth, our movements traverse the universe on both the tangible physical plane, as well as the other planes of existence, affecting more than ourselves and those we touch. The purpose of this article is to share an understanding of the wages of immorality and how it effects a person in all their inner dimensions.  These actions create one’s own inner dimensions in quality and quantity and also affects the person’s associations on all planes of existence. Recently, I watched the movie "The Rite", staring Anthony Hopkins as the Antagonist, and Colin O'Donoghue (protagonist) and Alice Braga (Leading role). Without spoiling the storyline and outcome, I will say that it was a great movie about a young man wrestling with whether, or not there was a God and a devil, and needing to reconcile within his own mind the meaning of his studies at Seminary School. The themes, as you would imagine were demonic possession (real or fantasy; psychological), what happens when we fall from Grace, is…
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