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  • Taoism: The Path of Inner Harmony
    Taoism: The Path of Inner Harmony
      Taoism is one of the oldest religions and philosophies in the world.  It has been practiced for thousands of years and has assisted its practitioners with incredible health vitality and longevity.   Although it has no official beginning it is thought to have organized itself as a religion due to a combination of practices which include nature religion and ancient philosophical practices. Date Created: November 15, 2022 Introduction If longevity perfect physical, mental, and energetical health are important to you then Taoism might be the perfect discipline for you to learn and practice.  Taoism is a school of philosophical study and relation that share ideas of the Chinese cosmology.  And in this little article we will discuss some of the fundamental principles of Taoism for the lay person and as it relates to the Psion.  The topics include; what is Taoism, where it comes from, and its importance in our lives. Let us start with defining the term Tao and move to the other very interesting areas of study.   What is The Tao? Let start by attempting to explain the Tao with a famous quote by the ascribed author Laozi (老子).   1 The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.  Lao Tzu So then, what is the Tao in lay terms?  It is something that cannot be taught except through personal experience.  It is something that cannot be held by the written or spoken word.  It is a self-evident truth.  To practice "being" in The Way, one must seek that which is in harmony to you and your universe. So, to focus upon living in harmony means you are in harmony with the TAO.  When one is referring to the Tao we loosely translated because one can get a glimpse of understanding the WAY only through non-understanding. nondescription and just moving into the space that is seemingly, instantly presents itself just at the perfect time.   The Origin of the Tao? Approach it and you will not see a beginning. follow it and there…
  • The Path to Purification: Buddhism
    The Path to Purification: Buddhism
    Purification is a natural process of life.  Every organism on the planet has a special process they use to clear their mind, body and spirits.  Humans are no different.  We tend to use the bath or shower to purify germs off the body, but inner purification is also needed.   Original Date  August 18, 2021 Last Update: August 23, 2021   Introduction A Psion is a special calling and requires purification.  In truth everyone should undergo the process of purification.  The purpose of purification is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clearing of the systems' of one's universe so that they will be exceptional instruments for the use of the Psion. However, it is not only the Psion that requires purification, but everyone that exists on the planet. And in truth everything needs to be cleared, and cleansed of impurities which muddy the environment. We always like to start with a definition, so let us start with a clear definition of Purification. pyu̇r-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən noun 1. The act or an instance of cleansing or purifying. 2. The removal of impure elements from something. 3. A freeing from sin, guilt, or defilement. 4. the process of cleaning morally. 5. the clearing of something making it complete and absolute. This pertains to all members of society from the average person, to the highest Psion. Purification is a system that one undergoes to clear the individual's personal universe from all negative fields that may defile and cause destruction of the vital energy. In the little article "The Path to Freedom: Buddhism" we discuss meditation as a tool for purification and will look at the three vritti instruments necessarily used for walking the Path of Freedom.    We revisit those today with the focus of purifying ourselves. So, let us begin...   The Problem Planet Earth has been a bedrock of negative events that have scarred its history and tarnish the earth water and spirit of the planet. In its early days it was pristine and pure, however with the addition of humanity and his wildly violent emotions, mind, and spirit, he enslaved other humans and…
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