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    Psionic Circles | Are You Being Mind Controlled
    The majority of people in the world are being lead by people who are family friends acquaintances and and strangers.  Everyone exerts a force on every other person. Sometimes the force contains instructions and sometimes the force is nondescript.  We all must learn to recognize when we are being controlled. “Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game.” Introduction Mind control is real!  Who do you listen to? Society and its members have always attempted to regulate and govern its citizens and sometimes it has used less than honorable means to accomplish this. We've had totalitarian governments, Libertarian, Utilitarian governments  and everything in between.   All of these forms of government contain various systems of control.  Mind control, Body Control, Spirit Control.  It seems that everyone wants a piece of you and there is not enough of you or your energy to go around. Did you know that the world runs on energy?  And it is not oil, or electricity, or solar powered.  It is Human Power.  And the Problem is that we really don't realize we are dependent upon it.   At the core or center of the human capital, is the driver and it is the Mind.  Actually, it is Mind Control. Everyone wants to control your mind so that you will do as they want, feel like they want, and buy what they want.  He who has the most Power in the Mind rules the World. So, what is Mind Control? We did a Google Search and found a great definition. According to the American Psychological Association mind control can be defined as: 1. an extreme form of social influence used to indoctrinate an individual in the attitudes and beliefs of a group, usually one that is religious or political in nature. See brainwashing; coercive persuasion. 2. the control of physical activities of the body, particularly autonomic functions, by mental processes. See autogenic training; biofeedback. See also mind–body intervention. So, mind control is where someone other than yourself can influence you at one or more of…
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