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Controlling Your InnerVerse
Controlling Your InnerVerse

Everyone on the planet knows that they have a duty of care to develop themselves physically emotionally and mentally.  Most people forget about the energetic and spiritual duty of care.  This articles outlines a system to develop your OuterVerse through…

Everyone on the planet knows that they have a duty of care to develop themselves physically emotionally and mentally.  Most people forget about the energetic and spiritual duty of care.  This articles outlines a system to develop your OuterVerse through the InnerVerse.

Original Date  September 2, 2021

Last Update: December 14, 2021

Author: Sabrina Lemire


Nature compels humanity to move forward.  As the universe around us is constantly expanding, so too is the growth and evolution of every living thing on the planet.  And that certainly includes the human being.   And every person that is not incumbered by mental or physical health problems will certainly want to grow and develop to their fullest capacity.  Human development is not only within the body through growth, but also in mind, quality of thoughts, life and lifestyle.  Anyone who doesn’t want to grow and become more not only breaks the Laws of Nature, but also violates the laws of health and wellbeing.  The changing seasons give evidence in nature as to the changes that can and must occur.  The first day of Spring is never exactly the same as it was the previous year, and it can be seen cycles and changes within cycles.

Humanity as a whole always seeks “the truth”.  And that truth lies in the Laws of Nature.  Sir Isaac Newton discovered universal principles that have manifested in our normal day as Laws of Nature.  These particular laws govern the macrocosmic world, that is the world of large matter.  The purpose of this article is to give the reader instructions on how to work with these changes using universal concepts of truth.  In order that they might create a field of change and develop their own world which is unique, special, and sacred only to them.  Once they learn how to create, govern and control their world then they have passed a very important initiation.  See the articles entitled “Initiation Defined  and “The Grades of Humanity.   As was stated in these articles you may believe that you can avoid growth and evolution, however, this is only due to your limited knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature and the rules of life.   But, back to the main part of the article.   The purpose of this article is to educate the reader on the Laws of Nature that will allow the individual to acquire and maintain full control over their universe.  It starts with the inner universe, which is represented by the physical, emotional, mental, and Soul forces of the Psion.  And this InnerVerse expands out to one’s OuterVerse as it becomes reality.  We spoke a little bit on the nature of reality in the article entitled “What is Reality? Briefly.” The planes that we will work upon are the planes mentioned in the article entitled ” Year One: Science Planes Biology Anatomy.”   This will be delivered in parts starting with today. 

By the end of the this year you will have completely transformed your InnerVerse and see visible results in your OuterVerse.  

So let us start at the beginning, shall we?



People are different.  They are similar to trees, plants, and animals.  While each person, tree, plant or animal has many members within its population, each member is distinct.  They each have slightly different colors.  Did you know that a plant that contains red/burgundy color within the leaves and means that the plant is lacking magnesium?  The deficiency of magnesium in the plant creates defoliation of the lower leaves. Magnesium deficiency does not affect the fruit of the plant but may severely create stress in the plants leading to reduced yield.  The plant next to the deficient plant may have perfectly normal magnesium levels.  Nature (perhaps a man) planted the seeds and one fell on good soil, while the other fell on soil that wasn’t as rich in nutrients.    This problem can be equilibrated with fertilizer, however the plant that has good leaves will always be slightly ahead of the other plant.  It is the way of nature.  To look and behave like something else doesn’t mean that they are the same.

Another example is two types of parsley; one is a poisonous variety, and the other is a harmless but mildly hallucinogenic.  They both look the same but have very different chemical constituents.  They could even be grown next to one another and easily mistaken for one another as they are both wild varieties of parsley.

All of this is to say, that things that are alike are different, and this certainly includes people.   One might ask if it good that things are different including people?  The answer is that it doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, what matters is the underlying truth that it represents.   Things Are Different.

So, let us look at humans today.  We are found in many colors, sizes, shapes, minds, souls and spirits.  It is these differences that drives the earth and the universe for that matter.  A thin man may not be able to do the work of a body builder type.  Nor can a dreamy girl perform sharp analytical calculations in her mind without assistance.  As a consequence we find that people are successful or unsuccessful based upon nature and their personal characteristics.   We have the choice to change our circumstances based upon our personal will power and knowledge of and use of the “right” resources.

What are the right resources?  This first part of the article will outline specific laws that will assist each and every person in cultivating their InnerVerse and transmitting it to their OuterVerse.  The Laws we will look at in this first part are the following:

  • The Law of Causality
    • Laws of Motion
  • The Law of Abundance
  • The Laws of Mind
  • The Laws of Reality (physical)

We shall first start with the Law of Causality.


The Law of Causality

This is the  law in nature that states that every change occurs due to an original cause.  We can see evidence in this principle in virtually everything that has a physical being.  And if you are a Psion, then you may also see evidence in the non-physical world.  As we mentioned above and in previous articles, the operation of causation, or bringing an object into being is called ontology.  So, the Law of Causation means that we have no event, person, place, or thing, without a first cause.  It also means that every action has been precipitated by a seed, a thought, an spontaneous act, that catalyzes it into action.

Once the action or thing has been started it is then subject to the next law which is one of the Law of Motions.  The first law states that an object may have one of two states of motion.  These states are rest or constant rate of motion at a constant velocity unless it is acted upon by a external force.

The Second Law of Motion states that if the object is in motion, then the rate of change of momentum of that object is directly proportional to the force applied, and the  object that possess a constant mass, creates a net force directed at the object that is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by the acceleration.

The Third Law of Motion states that when an object exerts force upon the second object, that second object exerts a force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first object.  This is an important aspect that should be studied carefully, as it is the root cause of additional challenges that  previously had not been taken into consideration.

Let’s put these laws into a practical context.  Causation means that in order for anyone to be, do, or have something, or to be in existence, there is always something that begins the process.  Let us say that a person wants to be a doctor.  In order for them to be a doctor, they must first have an inner desire, that allows them to make the first decision to start their journey of education using their mind to absorb the information.  They start by learning the basics of knowledge; math, Latin, Greek, English, and then they proceed out to expand their mind into the complexities of science, including Anatomy and Physiology and finally they learn to apply the knowledge to the human body, as a practicing doctor.

This is a very simple model of becoming a doctor and it illustrates that the individual first must use their mind to create a desire, and then all actions are directed towards the fulfillment of that desire.   Again, the first cause is the mind, or the thought form that has been created, and the actions that follow represent the first law of motion, which is the motion of studying towards the goal.   The second law is illustrated by the application of mental force and then physical forces upon the goal of becoming a doctor, though the vehicle of learning.  The third law is the Opposer of the Jewish text, a force that is resistance to change.  This means that the individual will be presented with challenges within the environment and within themselves which need to be overcome in order to ensure success of the goal of being a doctor.  Assuming that the doctor overcomes all of his/her challenges then the mind’s thoughtforms can come into fruition and the goal will be realized.


The Law of Abundance 

The next law we are going to address is the law of Abundance, but we need to go back a step.  Back before the Laws of Motion and the Laws of Causation to define the Surroundings and the Systems within the Environment.   Abundance can never be taken within a context independently, and the environment must have the basic elements and constituents in order to create the causation of abundance.  So, we start with a System, Surroundings, and Universe.  Let’s first define each within our context.

The System

The System is a unique set of rules and values that are held together by its intelligence and its mind.  It has embedded within itself purpose and a function to exist.  This purpose and function may not be easily recognized, however it does exist.   The system also contains specific structures that are engaged with its mind and intelligence.   Each structure is assigned with purpose and function.  As the Earth is 4.53 billion years old and the Universe is nearly 14 billion years old the is the amount of development and planning that the system has undergone in order to be in its current state.   This means that the System is very specialized to its function not only for its own benefit, but also its role in the environment.

The Surroundings

The Surroundings is the unique environment that has need of the systems within its domain and range.  It is defined then as:

    1. circumstances, conditions, or objects by which one is surrounded
    2. something that surrounds.
    3. surroundings, environing things, circumstances, conditions,
    4. is the act of encircling or enclosing.
    5. being the environment or adjacent area of the Universe.

Therefore, everything external to the system is surroundings, making the surroundings a system that encircles and protects the integrity of the environment.

The Universe

The Universe is an enclosure that contains all of the surroundings that contain systems.  As a container its function is protect the surroundings of the systems as well as interact with the Greater Universe performing its own purpose on a larger scale.  Evidence of this is seen in the uniqueness of the solar system, galaxies and other time space structures.  There is an interaction between all of the celestial forms.  They are held within gravitational forces as they orbit around themselves.  As they approach one another they share rays of energy.  The acquired energies are used by intelligences for their specific purpose.  This is very similar to the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter on our planet.  Thus, the Universe is benefited not only by the positive operations of its surroundings (environments) and their systems, but also benevolent rays of energy, and its intelligent use of those energies.

Back to the Law of Abundance

So, getting back to the Law of Abundance.  I suppose we should first define it properly, as we didn’t address it above.   We will define the Law of Abundance in the following terms:

  1. The ability of the system surroundings and universe to work harmoniously in order to provide units of energy that can be converted into a tangible or intangible desires.
  2. A law that states that whatever a system desires within the unit of integrity can be provided to the system by another system environment or Universe.

Using this definition allows us to have a better understanding of the dynamics that interplay in order for the desire to be manifested.


The Law of Mind

Everything that exist in our world and probably every world has a mind and utilizes it to the best of the systems ability.  The Law of Mind is a set of principles that govern the mind, its use, and control over its system and how to then apply its influence over the system and then the Universe.  The principles of the human mind is as follows:

  • The mind contains two different modes of being.
  • The mind is restless.
  • The mind is stubborn.
  • The mind is in bondage by the Body, Soul, and Spirit.
  • The mind can be controlled.
  • The mind is a creator.
  • The mind is a builder.

The mind is the most important element to control if one wants a happy healthy and successful life.  Within the mind there are states and feelings with ideas that attach themselves in thought-forms that are cultivated by the system, and/or thought-forms that are in the environment and they build upon one another to form first intangible forms and systems and then tangible form systems.  The Law of Mind is the cause of the Law of Reality on the Physical and the Non-physical planes.  This article will only address tangible reality, leaving for the Psionic Circles Course the details of intangible reality.


The Law of Reality (Physical)

Our reality is a result of our inner most dominant thoughts that undergo processes of birth, growth, modification, and solidification.  The Law of Reality can be defined as the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, on a tangible basis and is supported by a foundation of what was only imaginary.  It has as a control elements of ethics, morality, and follows specific rules for coming into being.  The term, the ontological status of things, indicates the states in which things come into being at their various levels of solidification.  The total reality and non-reality of a thing is known to some systems in the surroundings and environment and unknown to others.  The status of being known or unknown doesn’t affect the rate of manifestation in some cases.


Ontological Action on the Body



The Eight Stages of Manifestation occur in the following order.

  • Thought-form
  • Abstract Models and Relationships
  • Thought-form Being
  • Modality
  • Perception of Identity
  • Substances
  • Properties and Relations
  • Time and Space

Putting together all of our laws we have a number of precepts that the Psionic Student should learn by heart and put into effect during their lives.  There are 15 that we have for this first week.

  1.  The principle of growth and loss states that more accumulates more and loss creates greater loss.
  2.  Mind is creative and interacts with other systems, the surroundings and the universe at large.
  3.  The thoughts of the mind creates with both of his internal elements as well as resources of the systems, the surroundings and the universe at large.
  4.  As we grow from child to adult we learn that we have innate powers.  These powers come from within and must be used and mastered.
  5.  We develop these powers using the will power and these powers are made of light, light,  beauty,  and they can not be seen unless you have developed your sight.
  6.  All of our problems can be solved within our mind using these powers.
  7.  Our external world is a reflection of the internal world and is within our power once we learn how to control ourselves.
  8.  In order to create an inner world and outer world of harmony with self and Nature we must use our mind in order to create it.
  9.  The things that come to us come because we have created it first within our mind as possession comes due to consciousness.
  10.  Consciousness has two directions: growth (building) or scattering (loss).
  11.  We use our brain as a physical organ of sensory perception and in conjunction with the mind we access our cerebral spinal system to communicate with every aspect of the body as well as our surroundings.
  12. We use our body to build constructive forces with fight all negative energies and entities when necessary.  This preserves our inner peace and harmony thus creating an outer world of harmony.
  13. As the Objective mind perceives the negative elements in life,  we perceive negative forces.
  14. The subconscious mind is the mind of the InnerVerse.
  15. The subconscious mind contains the solar plexus as the organ.  The sympathetic nerves is responsible for the perceptions of this mind.  We use this mind to connect with the Universal Mind and by extension the building forces of the Universe.

Within these precepts are encoded the secret power of using the mind and its powers to create your special InnerVerse.  It is from our InnerVerse that we create Mastery over our OuterVerse.

We leave you with these quiz questions.

A.   Define these terms:

    1. The Law of Causality
    2. Laws of Motion
    3. The Law of Abundance
    4. The Laws of Mind
    5. The Laws of Reality (physical)

B.  Fill in the following sentences.

  1.  The law of growth and loss states that _______________________________.
  2.  There are __ stages of manifestation.
  3.  The mind is in bondage by the ____________________________________.
  4.  The Law of Manifestation require the _____________   the _______________ and the ______________.
  5.   How many Laws of Motion are there and what are they?  ________________________________________________

Thank you for reading!

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop my studies into skills. I have practiced Tarot for 20 years along with Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Spiritual Healing, Hebrew Mysticism, Theosophy, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Philosophy. I use all of these skills along with my background in Business, Counselling and Intuition to get to the stem root of every problem and to come up with creative Answers to heal the person from the Inside Out, and Outside In.

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