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Human Function (A Scientific View)
Human Function (A Scientific View)

In this article we will discuss the mathematical and scientific viewpoint of human function.  In it we learn that everything is related to other things by the process that the inputs undergo.  This creates unique relationships that can be replaced …

In this article we will discuss the mathematical and scientific viewpoint of human function.  In it we learn that everything is related to other things by the process that the inputs undergo.  This creates unique relationships that can be replaced 

Human Functions

Last Update: July 19 2021


As we discussed in a previous article, part of our life experience requires that we undergo an initiatory process that includes personal transformation, and grading.  It was mentioned that this process is not voluntary but mandatory and part of the evolution of life.  We also mentioned that part of moving up the ladder requires connection with our Soul and Spirit Complex.  And failure to bond sufficiently with these core systems and assume the “correct” relationship whilst performing the “right” actions will results in premature illness and possibly death.

Today we will talk about functions, specifically the Functions in human life.  We will attempt to relate scientific functions theory with our general human life in a way that the average reader can glean a better understanding of how to align themselves with their Souls and Spirits in a way that leads to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual success.

We will start with a brief description of functions and then relate it to the average human life and include the basic workings of the Soul and Spirit.


Understanding Functions

In Psionics we use every aspect of time and space, nature and energy to create understanding and use it to make our lives better.  Mathematics and science are primary cornerstones to our work.  This includes the understanding and use of functions from a technical and non-technical viewpoint.

Most of us have forgotten our primary school and high school functions rules.  We had a viewpoint of it we couldn’t use it in our day-to-day life it wasn’t important.  And instead, we created many psychological terms that replaced function rules.  These attempt to fill in the gaps and help us to understand causal relationships within ourselves, and with people places and things.  However, we at Psionic Circles have found that there is no better coach, mentor or trainer than the rules and laws of science.  All life revolves around their understanding, and this understanding outlines universal truths that you can stay up all night long trying to find them and not get any closer.  So, it is good that we are here to assist you so that you don’t have to wait for understanding or miss an hour of sleep to find it.

We shall begin with a simple definition of a function so that we will all be on the same page.


1. an activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing.

  1. a relation or expression involving one or more variables where one value depends upon another value.
  2. example, a child (x) depends upon the parent (f(x)) = y
  3. is a binary relation between two sets or systems that associates each element of the first set (system) to exactly one element of the second set.
  4. a process or a relation that associates each element x of a set X (system), the domain of the function, to a single element y of another set Y (system), the codomain (range) of the function.  This means that the x value can only yield a different and unique value for y, whilst the y can be derived from processes of different x‘s.   A simple example is that there are many (x) ways to get to Heaven (y)however the a person can only do one.
  5. it is denoted by the notion: f(x) = y.
  6. the normal natural actions or processes as part of the whole of the organism or the universe.

So, in essence a function is a natural and purposeful, binary relation, process where one unique variable is responsible for producing one output.  Let us relate this to the human being to make the information relevant.  The function drives the outcome by the specific input (x) and the process (f(x))


Human Biological Functions

In human functions we can clearly see and understand causal functions with the human body.  For example, we have two eyes that have the one particular function.  That function is to perceive data that is around the human being.  It perceives all images upside down and the brain has a portion that is responsible for reversing the image so that it is correct.  So, the x is the eyes, which undergo processes of vision (f(x)), which produces an image (y) that is further processed by the apparatus of the visual portion of the brain ((g(x)), which then creates an image which is almost exactly as it presents (y).

Easy right!  So, then for every part of our body there is a direct binary relationship between the subject and the object.  This is an example not only of a function, but also a rule.  The eyes always produces vision through the apparatus of the process of seeing and use of the brain.

In this way functions govern our entire being.  An extension of the example is, if you gouge out your eyes, you will not be able to see through your eyes.  You will need to rely on another x value for the value of y which is to see.  Or the same x will need a different process (i.e. eye glasses) in order to perform the function of seeing.  So, the functioning of every part of your body is geared to work specifically and exactly with the ‘right’ apparatus using specific processes to perform the functions.   By the same token for each of the processes of life to work they require specific inputs.

Along this line of thinking you can’t use your ears for seeing, as the seeing process require eyes.  Although you can substitute eyes with another a seeing apparatus.  The value of seeing is the same, however the quality may or may not be the same.

The human bio-mechanical unit requires fuel, lubrication, coolant, maintenance, and a host of other inputs in order for it to work effective.  Sleep and exercise are also important inclusions as perquisites. Violation of the rules by not providing the correct inputs in quality and kind, will not immediately affect the output in quality.  Millions of years of evolution, prevent immediate breakdown of the units of the body.  However, years of abuse will cause misfunction, organ soliciting (assistance) and referencing by other systems, until the core organs no longer have structural and functional integrity. Remember, part of life grading and initiation is maintaining perfect physical functioning of the Personality, this includes the physical body. 

There are important points in every person’s life where they are tested to see how well they are treating their biological apparatus.  And failure at these check points which include the following core turning point ages: 21 – 24 years, 28 – 31 years, 37 – 39 years, 42 – 43 years and 52 – 58 years of age.  Early sickness in twenty-year-old population means that they have not matured or grown up sufficiently.  The same is true for the 40 – 52-year-old bands.  Actual Transformation of the Soul starts from early thirties to forty years old and continues until death.  See Astrology Transit Course for more information on the specifics on the Force of Astrology on Personal.  So, the nut is of the story is that the body requires specific care and maintenance, and it will break down without the right care.


Human Solar Functions

What we see, in the human biological system is just a shadow of the totality of the human being.  While we look to the surface, we see the superficial which is the skin, the muscles, and bones, but that is only the start of the human being.  We generally cannot see the cells, the atoms, or the field of energy that our body contains, unless we use our Psionic Sight.  So, when we are told that we have a higher governing principle that sees, feels, communicates, and exerts a force upon our lives and environment, we tend to scoff at the thought.

If we actually have a Soul or Spirt, would we not have some sort of evidence of it?

Would it not reach out to us and say “Hey there, Personality, you need to go this way, or you need to say hello to that person…or Leave that person alone!”, or some other message from within?

The truth is that we do received messages from our Soul and Spirt all of the time, however, we are typically not trained in the Language of the Soul and so we miss out on half the communications and the opportunities to have an amazing life.  Once we tune into the little messages and grow our relationship with our spiritual counterpart, our entire life change.  We be come the Masters of Our Personal Universe with everything we need to love, live, and grow to be a joyous and happy person.  Some people believe that having less is the key to happiness.  The true key to happiness is not what you have or don’t have, but the special one-to-one relationship of function that you have with everything.


Thank you for reading.

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