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Initiation Defined
Initiation Defined

  Last Update:  July 18, 2021 Introduction So, most of you have probably read the information on Grades of Humanity.  If you, haven't it is strongly suggested.  On the subject of Initiation, it is part and parcel with the subject…


Last Update:  July 18, 2021


So, most of you have probably read the information on Grades of Humanity.  If you, haven't it is strongly suggested.  On the subject of Initiation, it is part and parcel with the subject of Grades.  The Initiations defines the lessons and the growth, which is likely to occur, and the Grades marks the conclusion of the initiations.  What wasn't added to the article is the importance of the Grades or their relevance outside of just general understanding.  The importance is of great significance to some people and not important to others.  However, all manner of beings go through Grades and Initiations and this includes all Kingdoms in Nature, from the most elemental Mineral Kingdom through human onwards to spiritual. 

As such it is very important for all humans to know their grades and where on the evolutionary ladder they are located.  And to say that it is also of grave important to know the grade of your friends, associates, and business colleagues is an understatement.  The Grade of your City State and Country is also important and should be a factor.  As your associations will either cause you to succeed in life or cause you to fail.  And since success is the main reason, you are on the planet, success is of great concern for the intelligent and evolving person of our modern world.  

There are a great number of people who do not desire success.  It is very easy to find a person who doesn't care about themselves or anything else.  These people certainly have not undergone very high initiations and grades.  It is not a falsity that humans have a specific purpose for being on the Earth and that their continuation is contingent upon them proceeding in an evolutionary manner.  Failure of “correct" and "positive" evolution may have been the cause of previous ice ages, the deluge floods, potential asteroid and comet collisions, volcanic desolation, and a host of other violent natural disasters.  There is and always have been a Great Plan set out, first for the planet, and secondly for the higher sentient beings that are the current controllers of Earth.  At this time, it is Homo sapiens.  So, let us take a look at the Initiations and briefly define the themes.  In this introduction, we will attempt to make the information as pertinent and relevant as possible. 

Let us start by clearly defining Initiation, its purpose, characteristics, and its pathways. 


Initiation Defined

Virtually every occupation has its initiations, improvement and assessment of the improvements and growth is inherent in all systems.  One almost never starts at the top.  


1. the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual. 
2. the action of beginning something.
3. the act or an instance of initiating
4. the process of being initiated
5. the rites, ceremonies, ordeals, or instructions with which one is made a member of a sect or society or is invested with a particular function or status

6. the condition of being initiated into some experience or sphere of activity.

So, in summary it is an action or process that begins something, that can be as simple as instructions, to rites, and ceremonies, and there are conditions of being involved in the program.  The definition doesn't say anything about why initiation exists, but we can make some assumptions that the actions are important, they are uniform for all of inducted, and entry is contingent upon the initiatory process.  That means that failure to comply with the conditions means that the subject will not be able to continue.   


Rules are Implied

So, within initiation, there is implied a set of rules for the members and compliance is so important that there are set out rites, ceremonies, ordeals and instructions in which each member is bound.  An example of an initiation is your workplace induction.  It is a sort of initiation for you to start employment at your workplace.  During your induction, you are given a set of rules, employee handbook, company policies and procedures that you must know and act in accordance with as conditions of your employment.  You are generally trained in some aspect of your work, although in many cases your skills and knowledge of the work is assumed by virtue of you getting the position.  If you fail to comply with the rules, it is assumed that at the very least there will be some sort of reprimand, and in some cases, you may become terminated from your position.  Bearing the fact that compliance is not voluntary.  

So then, what are the rules of human initiation?  And "Why" are there such rules?  Does an individual have a choice not to grow and be more, to contribute to themselves, and others?  


Rules for Initiation

In looking at the "rules of Initiation", let us first question "why would there be rules at all".  The primary root of the rules of Initiation is transformation.  You must convert yourself from what or where you are now into the next best version of yourself.  More on transformation coming soon.  


We will start with "what are rules?"

Rules are a set of explicit or understood regulations and governing principles of conduct within an area of a specific activity.  They are used to control and dominate the activity, creating structure, while they give something/someone ultimate power or authority over the activity.  So, then with rules there is an understanding of what is required and how the activity should be performed.  The individual or group that has authority creates cohesion, balance and harmony in the activity.  In other words, rules makes the group, or activities of the group more efficient, and more effective, therefore avoiding unnecessary problems or loss.  

Failure to abide by the rules causes problems that require extra handling and leads to less efficiency and effectiveness.  So, are rules good?  

Initiation, with its set of rules, means that the group will all be inline with the 'rules' and will work effectively and efficiently at the project or activity.  And for those who fail to comply with the rules of their initiation, will be excluded in some way, and will not gain the benefit of the initiation.  

An example of a rule-less activity might be the building industry, where anyone can call themselves a carpenter or builder and charge whatever they like for their skills.  If I needed a skilled builder and asked around and found someone that "supposed" to be good.  I would bargain with him to do the work and he "claims" that he is a Master Builder, implying that he has a certificate and the skills to build the house within a specified period of time.  I pay him the deposit for building the house along with the materials fee and I leave it in his capable hands.  Let's assume that the house should be complete in six months.  I requested weekly updates and he gives me a written report of what has been done and the expenses of the house.  At the three-month point, I play the housing plot a visit and find nothing there.  I communicate to the Master Builder regarding the status, and he tells me "something has come up and he hasn't been able to get started".  I am patient with him, still believing that he is a "Master Builder” and give him another month to "make up for the work" not completed.  
When I go back to visit the property, I discover that still nothing has been done.  I see a couple of bricks and no more.  Again, I call him for a report, and he claims that “he is uncertain of what he needs to do. When I ask him of his "Master Builder" certificate, he admits that he told a lie to get my money, which of course represents my deposit and the building expenses.  

When I go to the Office of Fair Trading, I discover that he is required to be Registered, a fact that I was unaware of and so I report him and prepare to sue him.  As fate would have it since he has $50,000 of my money, he no longer answers his telephone, and I only have a spent bank check.  


Where did I fail?  

I forgot to follow the rules that are set up for Builders Compliance.  There is a due diligence in the building trade and I have been stung by one of the oldest scams in history.  The person pretending to have amazing skills who in truth has none.  

Rules are meant to protect people and enforce personal rights.  They are a necessary construct in every endeavor in life.  Everything has a set of rules.  Your body for example has a set of rules for compliance.  The rules are simple.  Eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, exercise at least moderately, and keep good company.  Failure to comply with these five simple rules will cheat the body, causing it to make substitutes for the missing elements and leads to disease and eventual death, if the behavior is continued.  The bottom line... Rules are important.  


Initiation Rules

Initiation marks the beginning of a new phase in a person's life.  As was stated earlier, it corresponds with a grading system.  The rules for initiation are very simple.  You must complete the units of study with a given minimal effectiveness and efficiency (marks) in order to proceed up the ladder.  The lessons include the following general lessons of study:

  1. You must learn how to take care of your physical body.
  2. You must learn how to manage your emotional body.
  3. You must develop a mental body.
  4. You must develop your mental body and use it to access your Soul (spirit bodies)
  5. You must survive by developing your Soul and Spirit and contribute constructive in your Soul Group.

Now within these core lessons you must also learn to work congenially within the planet as you discover and obtain your Core Purpose (Thelema and the fulfillment of your part of the Great Plan) in life.   As you develop further skills you will gain many powers from your Soul/Spirit complex that will make your lessons easier.   As you gain these powers you must not cause harm to others to gain the things you desire or need.  

If you can do this, you will move quickly and swiftly through your initiations.  

So, in essence, that is initiation in a box.  It is a Plan of unfolding 'You as a human being' to function within the confines of Planet Earth to accomplish the things that you need to evolve and contribute intelligently to the growth and evolution of your Soul Group and the planet.  You are only responsible for assisting your Soul Group, and part of your lessons include the understanding of who is in your group and what is not included.  


What if You Don't Want To Go Through Your Initiations

Initiation is not a choice.  I believe we mentioned that earlier.  It is a nonvoluntary system that was inbuilt in the system.  You can see it in the growth and development of rock, plants, animals, and in humans.  When you see the processes and results in these kingdoms you view the process of how one becomes the next through absorption and assimilation.  This is the outer order of things.  The inner order of things is the things that occur at the highest levels of each of those kingdoms.  You Soul will reveal the truth of these things as you demonstrate the ability to use the information in a constructive and positive manner, as you go through the deeper levels of your initiatory process.  

Let's say that you decide that you will semi look after your physical body, exert some control over your feelings, but you don't want to develop your mind, as you believe that it will interfere with your creativity.  You are a dreamer, and the thought of studies is simply not for you.  Well, that is fine.  You are stymied at that stage.  The first thing that your Soul will do is put you in a position where you must start using your mind.  It will continue to create pressure through people, places, and events until you either comply and develop your mind, or you become ill and die.  It may also cause environmental forces to assault you through carelessness and life-threatening accidents.  The Soul will not allow the field of energy of it and the Spirit to animate you, and your body with become sick in response to the forces taken from you and you will die. 

You see, your Soul Group is relying on you for information (data).  There might not be anyone else who is able to supply that information.  As such, your purpose will not be fulfilled, thus there is no real purpose for you to be in the physical.  You may have too many distractions to your function, so the Soul might have better luck training in the Astral Planes.  Your personality is not needed... that being your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.   

An example might be a single mother of two children who is always taxed by "others demands", so much so that she doesn't take the time to look after her own needs.  She becomes a little sick but is able to recover.  However, no core change has occurred in her personality, and over time she becomes sick again this time she has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is now upset and angry.  She wonders why should she have this "karma" and doesn't care anymore.  She becomes depressed and her health continues to sink as her Soul is releasing itself from her Personality (body and mind).  She finally makes plans for her departure and leaves her body and her kids.  She finds herself in the Astral planes, not at a very high level, due to her "suicide" and failure to perform her duties.  While there she understands why she died and learn more about her spiritual gifts so that when she comes back, to finish the lesson of self and self-care, she will pass the grade and her initiation. 



 In summary, initiation is a system that all organisms undergo and leads to their evolution through all of the kingdoms of nature which include mineral, plant, animal, human and spiritual beings.  Each level of initiation has various lessons that must be passed, and the initiate must comply with the rules at the minimal level in order for the person to pass.  Initiation is not voluntary.  Failure to not learn the lessons will cause your Soul, Spirit complex to increase pressure in your life which can cause serious injury, sickness or even death. 

Diseases such as cancers, tumors', heart attacks and many others have their roots in non-compliance with the rules of life and initiation.


Additional Notes

Find your Soul purpose first and then your Soul Group and contribute to them as much as possible.  

Master the Core Basic Initiatory Themes, which include looking after your mind, and body and seek harmony with their divinity. 

Keep good associations with only those who are like-minded and part of your Soul Group.  Those are the people that you have contracted to assist during this lifetime. 


Thank you for reading. 



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