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News Flash | November 2 2021
News Flash | November 2 2021

What is superionic ice?  Has NASA discovered a new planet in the Galaxy of M51?  Black Holes what is their function?  Are they the precursors to a new cosmos?  Part of being a Psion is knowing what is going on…

What is superionic ice?  Has NASA discovered a new planet in the Galaxy of M51?  Black Holes what is their function?  Are they the precursors to a new cosmos?  Part of being a Psion is knowing what is going on in the world around us.  The fields we study are science, psychology, mathematics and many others.


Last Updated: November 2 2021


Hello Everyone,
This is our first News Flash for November 1 2021.



The topics include:

1.  Superionic Ice Created as Pressurized Black Ice
Relevance: Psionics view a way to form a magnetosphere.

2. NASA has Potentially discovered a New Planet in M51
Relevance: Psionics may have a new field of energy to study.

3.  Black Holes as Natures Cleaner
Relevance: Psions need to understand their function and dynamics


Let’s begin with Superionic Ice! What the heck is it and why is it important?
Let’s see. When a person wants ice they just put normal water into the freezer and it freezes at zero degrees Celsius. This is assuming the the pressure is a standard pressure. The shape of water is bend and the crystalline structure is hexagonal.

This is not the case when water is in a cloud. Scientist have discovered that water within the clouds can approach -48.33 and still not be completely frozen due to atomospheric pressure. Thus, pressure determines the state of a substance.

Recently scientist have discovered a new way to create ice. What they have done is use high pressure instead of a temperature driver. It is called superionic ice, superionic water. When the ice (superionic) is create it contains two properties which is both liquid and solid.


How is this performed?

It is performed by the use of powerful lasers that cause the water molecules break apart and the oxygen ions crystallize into an evenly spaced lattice while the hydrogen ions float around freely within the oxygen lattice. The freely mobile hydrogen ions make superionic water almost as conductive as typical metals, making it a superionic conductor.

How can it be used?
Here is the magic. As a highly conductive liquid/solid it can be used to create a magnetic field. More on this later in the course.


NASA has Potentially discovered a New Planet in M51

In the last few days NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory may have detected what appears to be perhaps the first signs of a planet in another galaxy. The galaxy, the Whirlpool Galaxy, technically called Spiral Galaxy Messier 51(M51). And if correct, it is the size of Saturn or 58,232 km in radius, with 20 times the mass of the Sun. We have limited time to study its affects and the next time it transits will be 70 years, very similar to a Uranus transit which is 84 years.


What is the significance of this for Psions?

It means that our consciousness has been introduced to a new field of energy that can be used, according to its properties and characteristics. The finding must be confirmed, but if it is confirm or when it is confirmed, present finding suggest that it is more than 28 million light years away from us or > 2.64900453e+20 km away from us. It is thought that most of our exoplanet brethren are around three thousand light years, or 2.838382 x 10^16 km away from us.

In addition, it represents the complex use of x-ray wavelengths to find events, and transits in order to discover celestials bodies that are meaningful to our understanding of the universe.


Black Holes as Natures Cleaners

The reality of a Black Hole that they are massive vacuums where gravity bends the space-time into dense centers. They might have the effect of a whirlpool in the water. When a star dies, it collapses under the force of gravity. It continues to collapse until it gets to the event horizon where time freezes. It is then a complex mass that consumes anything that approaches it.


They Function to…

Remove space debris that orbits too close.
Consumers of energy with an insatiable appetite.
They are lawless and do not obey all of the laws of physics.
They may be active or inactive.
They are massive structures generally 40 billion times the mass of the sun.


Thank you for reading!

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