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Preparation for Initiations and Personal Transformation
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Preparation for Initiations and Personal Transformation

The beginning of every journey starts with the first step.  And sometimes that step must be taken based upon pure common sense and faith.  Other times the step is one that is preplanned and engineered.  Initiation uses both systems.  …

The beginning of every journey starts with the first step.  And sometimes that step must be taken based upon pure common sense and faith.  Other times the step is one that is preplanned and engineered.  Initiation uses both systems.


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We strongly suggest that you plan your initiation as if you don’t want someone else to plan your life for you.  It was mentioned in the previous articles “Initiation Defined”  and “The Grades of Humanity“, that we do not have a choice as to whether or not we undergo their personal initiations.   It is very much like the fact that minerals bond, and form rocks without the choice of whether they desire to undergo the transformation Man does not have the option.  It is the great clock of Life and Nature that determines when and where this is to occur.   We can choose what we eat, and when we eat, however we can not decide that we will never eat again if we want to live in the physical.  The laws of Life are quite clear.

Knowledge is Power and the fact that you now know that there is a force that is greater than the will of man that is driving evolution.  Our true choice is the decision to work cooperatively with this vital force or deciding to work against it.  Our career or daily activities may influence our choice on how to align ourselves, however, we will get through all of the levels over time.  Some of us will be quicker than others.  And thus, the purpose of this article is to give you some guidelines that will assist you in your initiatory and evolutionary journey.


Evolution Defined 

We have used the term evolution, well we had better clearly define it, because the common day usage is not what we are referring to when we speak of evolution.


  1. Evolution may be defined as any net directional change, or any cumulative change in the characteristics of organisms or populations over many generations—in other words, descent with modification… It explicitly includes the origin as well as the spread of alleles, variants, trait values, or character states.
  2. It is change in the properties of groups of organisms over the course of generations which embraces everything from slight changes in the proportions of different forms of a gene within a population to the alterations that led from the earliest organism to dinosaurs, bees, oaks, and humans.

Evolution then is not the change in an individual during its lifetime but requires the changes to be evident in the progeny of the species over many generations.  It is viewed as change over generations, because the evidence of the effects will reveal itself to be truth, and not a mere fluke or aberration that will return back to “normal” at a more convenient time.  Humans are very creative and resourceful in their change and would like to believe that it is evolution.

So then, our evolutionary change should be one that is permanent, one that our children will be forced to experience, as will their children and so on.  This is the true meaning behind evolution.  It is not a whim that causes the individual to modify their approach until more information has been received.  It is permanent conformity and change that affects our collective core. So, let’s go back to preparation for initiations.


Preparation for Initiation and Personal Transformation

Whilst change doesn’t ask our permission, nor is evolution simply about the individual, we can choose to consciously cooperate with these initiatory and evolutionary forces to mitigate the extremes in effects and balance our personal outcomes.  As such we have provided ten lessons set out below as an outline of the path for all who want to work cooperatively and constructively with forces of change so that their lives will be less off balanced and out of harmony.  One of the most vulnerable areas of growth is the emotions and the feelings of the initiates.

Therefore, it is important to know how our mind should behave and should be geared in order to bear the forces that are to occur.  These are psychological forces in nature and are prepare the individual.  Therefore, no force is exactly the same for everyone.  The forces will be physically, emotionally, and mentally and they range from 0 degrees of change to 360 degrees.    Once the requisite modifications have been achieved, then the individual will open their windows, doors, and gateway for alignment with human and divine guidance that seek to assist the individual in finding their place.

We will now start with the Lessons that start you on your goal to self-mastery through initiation and Personal Transformation.

Lesson One 

  1. Learn what vexes your body, feelings, and mind and then seek manage by elimination, modification, or other healthy means the vexations.
  1.  Remove any all levity and inconsistency of the mind.
  2.  Remove all deceit and hypocrisy in one’s manner.
  3.  Avoid the company of people who are vain, careless, wasteful, and immoral.
  4.  Be moderate in speech and manner at all times and know that by your words you are creating or destroying your personal world.


Lesson Two

  1.   Learn the proper treatment of others, and find your Soul Group.
  1.  Keep your own secrets, as others will be jealous of your good fortune.
  2.  Do not gossip about other people, especially those who live around you.
  3.  Do not treat one person better or worst due to their lot in life.


Lesson Three

  1. Learn charity.
  1.  Give to the needy and the unfortunate what you can spare.
  2.  Charity contains within it a very important lesson.


Lesson Four

  1. Learn to manage anger.
  1.  Wisdom is learning and knowing when to react to injury perceived and actual.
  2.  Know what your rights are and be willing to defend if their is more than 3 offenses.
  1. First offence: Let them know that the behavior is unacceptable to you and you will tell the authorities.
  2. Second offence: Tell the authorities about the problem and allow them to handle it.
  3. Third offence: If authorities have not changed the offender, take matters into your own hands.


Lesson Five

  1. Be not quick to judge the actions of others that do not directly affect you.
  1.  Be patient in the errors of others as long as they do not adversely affect you.
  2.  Teach those who are like you and encourage everyone to find and work with their Soul Group.


Lesson Six

  1. Study, learn, and Grow.
  1.  Learn everything you can about the laws of Life and those of Nature.
  2.   Treat your body with kindness, love, and devotion.  Let others know that you are evolved by observing how you treat yourself.
  3.  Follow the laws and give thanks to the Creator (s), who are responsible for the blueprint of life and nature.
  4.  Ask for the highest spirits that you can find, and bond well with your evolving Soul Group.


Lesson Seven

  1. Be Sane in Mind at All Times
  1.   Avoid drugs and alcohol that impaired judgement and mental faculties.
  2.   Be of sane mind and heart at all times.


Lesson Eight

  1. Avoid gluttony of all types.
  1.  Know your limits and be happy within healthy limits.
  2.   Your Soul and Spirit want you to have every good thing at the right time, so know that you are growing yourself to the best time to acquire all that is needed for you to have a good life.
  3.  Also know that excesses without good reasons will take more work and energy.


Lesson Nine

  1. Do Not Covet.
  1.  Everyone is given what they have asked for not in their mind, but within their Soul.  The Soul desires that which is needed and will be well used.
  2.  If another has that which you would like do not wish for theirs, but wish for that which is yours, although it may be similar to others gifts.
  3.  Work to develop your gifts and no good thing will be denied to you.


Lesson Ten

  1. Perfect the operations of these Lessons.
  1.   Read the lessons often in order to prepare you to have higher gifts of the spirit.
  2.   Cleanse your heart and mind, and this will help clear your spirit for the initiations and personal transformation.
  3.   Perfect your physical body.  Make it the ideal vehicle for physical plane activities by eating drinking and resting efficiently and effectively.


Once you have spent time mastering these elements, as they are the basics, you will be well on your way to breeze through your initiations.  Actually, breeze through is not quite the right word, but having mastered these skills you will be able to face any harsh challenge with confidence and the skills to get to the other side of the tunnel.

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And Thank you for reading!

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