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Psionic Circles | Are You Being Mind Controlled

The majority of people in the world are being lead by people who are family friends acquaintances and and strangers.  Everyone exerts a force on every other person. Sometimes the force contains instructions and sometimes the force is nondescript.  We…

The majority of people in the world are being lead by people who are family friends acquaintances and and strangers.  Everyone exerts a force on every other person. Sometimes the force contains instructions and sometimes the force is nondescript.  We all must learn to recognize when we are being controlled.

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”


Mind control is real!  Who do you listen to? Society and its members have always attempted to regulate and govern its citizens and sometimes it has used less than honorable means to accomplish this. We’ve had totalitarian governments, Libertarian, Utilitarian governments  and everything in between.   All of these forms of government contain various systems of control.  Mind control, Body Control, Spirit Control.  It seems that everyone wants a piece of you and there is not enough of you or your energy to go around.

Did you know that the world runs on energy?  And it is not oil, or electricity, or solar powered.  It is Human Power.  And the Problem is that we really don’t realize we are dependent upon it.   At the core or center of the human capital, is the driver and it is the Mind.  Actually, it is Mind Control.

Everyone wants to control your mind so that you will do as they want, feel like they want, and buy what they want.  He who has the most Power in the Mind rules the World.

So, what is Mind Control?
We did a Google Search and found a great definition. According to the American Psychological Association mind control can be defined as:

1. an extreme form of social influence used to indoctrinate an individual in the attitudes and beliefs of a group, usually one that is religious or political in nature. See brainwashing; coercive persuasion.

2. the control of physical activities of the body, particularly autonomic functions, by mental processes. See autogenic training; biofeedback. See also mind–body intervention.

So, mind control is where someone other than yourself can influence you at one or more of your system dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual (energetic). This begs the question, “Why would anyone go through that much trouble?”

There are a number of [1reasons why] people may want to control your mind. And in this little article we will discuss not only the reasons why, but we will discuss; [2″How do you determine] if you’re under mind control? and [3″How do you protect] yourself?” The last question is the most important as it will determine whether you fulfill your will, goals, dreams and desires, which is the core reason why each one of is alive. We exist NOT to fulfill someone else’s purpose, but to complete and fulfill our own purpose and desire. And contrary to others thoughts, this is not selfish, narcistic, or self consuming. As we discuss the “Why people would want to mind control us”, we will also create an understanding of the general dynamics of human interactions. We will start with a BOLD statement.


Everyone Is Controlling You

Everyone you know is exerting considerable Control Over Your mind consciously and unconsciously. This statement doesn’t not include invasive Voice to Skull app technology that offers synthetic telepathy where the individual may not only listen to your thoughts, but they may also whisper “sweet nothings” into your ears and make you think that you are coming up with ideas, or make you thing that their thoughts are yours, when they are actually planted in your mind by someone else. This can only occur if you are not mentally aware of system and your own thoughts. (More on this and tactics for prevention later in this article.)

Why Do They Want To Control You

So, as was mentioned, everyone you know is exerting control over your mind as well as people that you meet in your daily sojourn. They have needs or demands of you.

They want you to be nice.
They want you to do something for them.
They want your time.
They want your money.
They want your husband or wife.
They want your thoughts.
They feel shitty and want to cause pain.

The list goes on and on. And each time they think a thought about you, it is a subtle demand for something that you have, and there is a small part of you that listens to their demands, and if you are not careful that part of you will obey. Or, at least it will start making overtures to the fulfilment of their desires.

[This means that everything you do could be a response that fits perfectly into another persons plans.] Is this bad? Only if it doesn’t serve you as well. Let us illustrate.

Case Study

Let’s imagine that everyone that is healthy wakes up in the morning with
100 units of energy. The number of units change depending upon whether people eat well, sleep well, drink water, exercise daily, etc. That is assuming that all of the bodily necessities of life are correctly performed.

And daily each time you come in contact with another person there is an exchange of energy. They exchange is in quality, and in some cases in quantity. What this means is that when you have associations that are healthy like you you receive good or better energy. Conversely, when you associate with people that are not as healthy as you there is a net loss of energy. This means that when you get home, after let’s say a 9 hour day, your net energy could be considerably less than the 100 units that you started off with. Let’s take a look at a quick example.

If you work at a job you hate because it is degrading, it makes you little money for the effort, and the people you work with are difficult, if not impossible. It may take 40 units of energy, just to get through the people and the job. That leaves you with 60 units of enery for your healthy bodily functions. You may be able to handle this in your twenties, and thirties, but as you get older, you don’t wake up with 100 units of energy. You might wake up with 80 – 70 units of energy, less if you have attracted illness to help you realize that your lifestyle is toxic.

How can your fuel your life with only 80 – 70 units? You need family, partner, children, to refuel you. This means that you steal energy from them to maintain some semblance of normality and health. Is this fair to them? No.


Your Duty of Care For Yourself

You have a duty of care to ensure that your day’s activities are sustainable, or else you become a parasite for other people. And the fact is that you just don’t know there is a problem. You only know that having your partner, children, friends, seems to put you back in balance. Do they care? No, generally, not at first. When their own systems start to break down, they will then source you as the root cause of their pain and suffering, then you will be in the hot seat. Your parner states that “you must find a new job or else you and (s)he will have trouble. Your children distance themselves from you or they assume behavioral problems, to steal back energy.

This is an example of the cause of mind control. You in this example can’t manage your energy resources: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healthy, and you send out a call on multiple dimensions to the environment for assistance. Your partner, family and friends are the first response team.

So, we have covered a case study and discussed a scenario of “why” a person might mind control someone. In this case there are two mind controllers. The job place and its staff/customers are controlling the mind of the person. And over time it is causing them to lose energy. The response to the mind control of the job is the individual’s loss of energy and their mind controlling their partner, family, and friends to make up for the loss. We also talked about the cost of the mind control in terms of units of energy. Let’s move on to “how to determine when you are being mind controlled?.

How to Know When You Are Being Mind Controlled

Before we discuss the signs of mind control, let’s take a step back to look at how the mind works and what set it up for mind control. We will start with the structures of the mind. They are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. Each one of these areas of the mind are very important for the proper functioning of the complete human being. They are used either individually or together. Let’s briefly look at each function and see the levels that mind control can attack the individual at.


The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is the part of the mind that most people use when they are trying to figure out a problem or thinking about something. It is the analytical and critical reasoning aspect of the human being. It has the function of making decisions that effect the wellbeing of the human being. It works as a programmer for the subconscious mind and sends the “right” information and data to the subconscious. As such it must safeguarding the quality of data that goes into the subconscious mind. This is to

As a decision maker, Conscious Mind is the computer mind. It looks at life both from a binary standpoint… is the person safe, is this safe. And as the critical planner or stratagem … what tasks do I need to complete in order to be successful… how can I overcome the challenges that this person/event is creating.


The Subconscious Mind

While the functioning of the Conscious mind are easy to understand and control. We can see its functions through direct activity and we have a great feel and understanding of it, the subconscious mind is viewed only throughs its outputs. Its functions are coordinating, organizing, controlling and directing functions of the body. It is responsible for the beating of your heart, the respiration of the lungs, and it reflect reactions to stimuli. It is also responsible for carrying out the directives of the Conscious Mind.

Some of the subconscious functions cannot be easily controlled, other functions can be directly affected. We cannot easily control our heart, and we really wouldn’t want to. But, we can control our breathing. We can slow it down and speed it up. Our conscious thoughts regulate the behavior of the subconscious mind, and therefore the Conscious Mind is the gatekeeper of for the subconscious mind, preventing wrong thoughts and ideas from getting through and operating. Our negative thoughts can change the operations of the Subconscious Mind and cause perfect physical functions to decay. As its integrity disintegrates, it leaves a vacuum for the thoughts of others to infiltrate and further remove important resources from us to others. This is the heart of Mind Control. The ability of a person to access and control the functions of either or both the Conscious Mind and/or the Subconscious Mind.

When the Conscious Mind is weak, the gatekeeper is ill, then the thought forms of others can infiltrate and takeover. This is generally a hostile-takeover. The problem with this is that you might not even know this has occurred until months or even years after the seed of the disruptive thoughts of others has been planted, and then germinated into a large unruly vine that has thoughts which strangle the positive life units out of you, your family and friends.

Clearly, this is not the destiny of humanity. But, it is the current fate.

Let’s now view the Superconscious mind and see how it is affected by both the Conscious and Subconscious Minds.


The Superconscious Mind

The Superconscious Mind is the last layer of mind that we will discuss that relates to mind control. And it is the source of either pleasure or pain for the individual. It is contains two aspects. One aspect is connected to the Divine in the Universe and the other aspect is the divine in the individual that overlaps with the Divine.

The Superconscious Mind then is really the intelligence of the Divine Universe. It is that level of energy/time/space where your mind connects with the mind of the Divine. Thus, it is where the subconscious taps to connect with events, people, or things that the person need to acquire the things that they need in life. The Subconscious uses its personal resources to lock into and call the resources of the Divine Mind. Then it pulls resources that it needs in order to make the life of the individual successful. The additional resources may be physical, emotional, mental, or energetic. There is law and order in the requests to which it is tightly adhered. The Law of Karma is taken into consideration as it relates to the individual and how it effects the person’s designated associations.

If the person has and maintains associations with people that are not karmically compatible, the resources will be withheld and some of the individual’s current resources may be removed from them. Which leads us back to the person who has lost units of energy and is being syphoned for more energy and the question, “how do you know that you are being mind controlled?”

You know that you are being mind controlled when:

1. You go into an environment and you leave with less energy.
2. You acquire any type of illness.
3. You feel actively attacked.
4. You feel emotions that you didn’t generate personally.
5. You wake up in the morning and you have no energy.
6. You have bad luck.
7. You consistently make bad decisions in life.
8. You have a dead-beat job.
9. You can’t accomplish any of your important goals.

These are the nine most common indicators that indicates someone has stolen a part of your mind. This is in contrast to a perfectly healthy minded person with strong Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, and Superconscious Mind which always has more than enough energy, luck and spirit to accomplish their goals.

So now that we know what is mind control, why people mind control others, and how to know when you are being mind control, the last topic is “How do you protect yourself”.


How To Protect Yourself From Mind Control

There are four levels of control that each person must learn in order to banish mind control from their lives. They operate from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It would take quite a lot of time, more than this little article can afford, so I will outline the answer briefly on each level.

Physical: You must exercise and control your physical body. Each muscle in the body is geared to respond to both external (environment) and internal (conscious and subconscious mind) stimuli. When you exercise, you train your muscles to listen to the laws of movement that come from your internal control unless there is an requirement for quick reflexes or a stimuli from the environment. The chain of command is always first from your conscious mind or subconscious mind and then the externals.

Emotional: You must train your emotional body to always respond appropriately to every stimulus or situation. This control is generally held by the mind or mental body. The control is performed by the tuning the emotional body towards emotions that are whole, virtuous, and intelligently altruistic. This cause the emotional body to evolve into an astral body where the feelings become a bright star of energy and nurtures not only the individual, but the environment.

Mental: At this level you must practice mental control, i.e. will power and mind control, not only the quality of the thoughts, but the process of thinking itself. You must be able to cease thinking, direct thoughts, and be able to focus the mind upon whatever the desire, thereby impressing the different levels of mind so that the mind becomes magnetized at each level.

Spiritual (energetic): This is the final level of control that the individual must perform and perfect in order to protect the mind from intrusion. Its control is performed by prayer, purification, and recognizing the governing spirit in everything. It also requires living an exemplary life and abstaining from sins. The person connects with their Soul and Spirit and then develops those vehicles as perfect as possible for the their fulfilment of their Thelema and then Opus Magnus. (Major life Purpose & Great Work)

To the extent that a person accomplishes the above levels is the extent of personal mind control they will possess which limits or eliminates external mind control.

If you want to avoid being controlled by others mind control you must control yourself. It may not be easy but it is certainly worth the efforts. Avoid anything or anyone that seeks to steal your mind’s energy. You will leave a lot longer and you will be much happier as will your partner and family.

Thank you for reading.

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