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Thank you for Reading!                                                                         …

Thank you for Reading!                                                                                              ψ 

This Month we will start offering Psionic Circles News.  It is developed to give you more specific information and tools that will assist you on your Personal Ascension Journey.  Please note This Ascension is not about you leaving the Planet prematurely, but is your means of developing your Soul, and Spirit to Be More, Do More, and Have More, within an Ethical Framework.  It gives you the basic tools for survival and it represents systems that were passed from priests to kings and built kingdoms and empires such as the Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Roma, and Modern Great Britain. We invite you to read.



Psionic Circles News come in two formats:

  1. PDF sent by Email attachment in that disappears within 3 days.  $5.00 US per week. On special from $7.00.
  2. Hard copy that is mailed (pony express) to you.  $10.00 per week US. (Not Yet Available) You will get to keep the information as long as you want.



As such we take a very personal approach to sharing this valuable information.  Our distribution system is a bit Old School.  We have found that there is less security these days on the internet and your identity is important and paramount to us.  Please email to indicating which format you prefer, currently on pdf.  I will provide you with a link to PayPal as the Payment Gateway and after payment completion we will send you a personal email requesting your postal address and email address.



The PDF will arrive within 24 hours of receipt along with personal information for you. *  The Hard Copy will arrive within 7 days.  It may take longer for overseas destinations.


Additional Information and Disclaimer

This information is important to us so we believe that it may be important to you.  Please use it in the Spirit in which it has been produced.  We assume no responsibility for the use of this information. We have created this information with the highest integrity from the most reliable resources available from over 15,000 years of human tradition.  Any use of this information in a destructive manner goes against all laws; Natural, Human, and Divine and to misuse any of this information is to do so at your own risk or peril.  Also the use of some information by children is also at your own risk.

This information in its present form is copywritten under local and international law.

Thank you for Reading!

Thank you again for your support!

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop my studies into skills. I have practiced Tarot for 20 years along with Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Spiritual Healing, Hebrew Mysticism, Theosophy, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Philosophy. I use all of these skills along with my background in Business, Counselling and Intuition to get to the stem root of every problem and to come up with creative Answers to heal the person from the Inside Out, and Outside In.

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