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We are sure that you are in for an amazing experience of self discovery and development.  If you are like 7.8 billion other people on the planet you know the importance of positioning.  The most simple and perhaps silliest example is you are in line to enter your favorite restaurant.  Of course you forgot to make advanced reservations so guess what?  On a Friday night there are 20 people ahead of you and your VIP charisma doesn’t seem to work.  Simple position tells you that you would be much better off at the front of the line or better yet already seated at your table with your partner.

How do you position yourself for success?  Psionic Circles will give you that edge in life that you need for inner peace and placement in society.   Knowledge is a key to this power and within this podcast that will be broadcasted daily you will learn the Master Keys to life to teach to your family and friends.


Here is our Media Schedule for the Week.

Sorry Folks we are needing to move the dates back a bit.  We’ll keep you posted when we have the new start date.  Hopefully it will be soon!    Thanks! 😉

Sunday        July  11, 2021  What is Psionics?

Monday       July 11, 2021   Message to the Masses

Tuesday       July 11, 2021  The Planes of Existence

Wednesday July 11 2021  The Physical Plane

Thursday     July 11, 2021  The Astral Planes

Friday          July 11, 2021    Developing Your Mind

Saturday     July 11, 2021   Developing Your Spirit


Tools to Steer Your Life

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Counselling and Advisory

Are you needing to speak with someone regarding your life and directions?  We can help.  Our trained counselors are waiting for your call.

  1.  Relationships
  2.  Personal Problems
  3.  Career Pathways
  4.  General Direction
  5.  Reality Adjustment
Psionic Products We Sell

Do you want to try and practice with the tools of Psionics?  Here are some of the products we sell to the general public.

Every item that we sell has be selected and programed.  In addition all of our products come with instructions for their use.

Inception 2010 (What is Real?)

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