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Psionic Circles | Quantum Physics

The quantum physics world is an amazing place where tiny subatomic particles can do seemingly miraculous things, like create objects that are animate and inanimate. Their world allows them teleportation skills where they appear and disappear from one location and…

The quantum physics world is an amazing place where tiny subatomic particles can do seemingly miraculous things, like create objects that are animate and inanimate. Their world allows them teleportation skills where they appear and disappear from one location and then spontaneously reappear in another. This ability transcends space time and distance allowing them to be found on the all sides of the universe. Let us briefly peer into this relatively new science.

Quantum Physics For Everyone

The last Millennium 1900 – 1999 has brought humanity into a whole new world. This is the quantum world with all of its special laws, principles, and mechanics. It was Niels Bohr and Max Planck that first proposed and then defended Quantum Theory to the rest of the world in the 1920s. And their reward, they received the Nobel Prize for their work in classical physics and more importantly modern physics. And after their papers and proofs were published life for physicists and for every single citizen on planet earth would never quite be the same again.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the topic of quantum physics in a way that everyone can understand it and its significance to our modern lifestyles. So, let us start with the technology of the quantum mechanics and end with the personal responsible for knowing about our world.


Modern Technology

Do you use a LED Backlit LCD TV with enhanced color?  What about a Smart Phone camera which uses a digital camera with a CCD-sensor. This type of sensor uses the photoelectric effect – which was originally explained by Albert Einstein as an introduction of the quanta of light, photons.  In addition, the laser DVD reader in your computer, and the advent of the qubit, a new revolutionary data and processing system of Quantum computers which use these qubits and their  1s or 0s  laser fast processing which increases the quantum computing power exponentially.   And with such powerful technology available, it has the ability to completely transform our data driven society now and for the future millenniums.

There is no area in science where the invisible “quantum finger of God” does not touch, and with this touch moves data and matter at extremely fast speeds and accuracy.  What does this mean to you???  It’s significance is that quantum physics real, its principles are sound.  And it is available to everyone.

There are many people who understand this fact and know it to be self-evident. For those who are unfamiliar with this technologies, except through general use, will upon reading this article, will start to have a new feel of the subject and a better understanding for their devices and the technologies that underpin its operations.  When we realize the basics of quantum physics in a practical and meaningful manner so that everyone gets an opportunity to determine and know what is real, what is true, and what is possible with quantum physics principles, then we will have moved to the next level of human evolution.   We will move out of the mind-heart and into the heart-mind.  This is a sacred space where matter and energies live, bond, grow and have their being.   Once we collectively and individual knows these basics, so that we all can use it intelligently, positively, constructively, so that it may have the most beneficial impact everyone’s life. Each one of us has a personal duty of care to know the technology and not rely upon anyone else for their intel.

So, let’s get started with quantum physics or QP as we will call it. We will start with clarifying the meaning quantum physics.


Quantum Physics

We start by clearly defining the word quantum physics (QP)and quantum science (QS).  As this is only a short article, we will not go into too much depth introducing the meaning.  You will understand what is meant by quantum which is the root of the subject.

Okay then, what is QP?

Quantum Physics is the science of very small particles. It is the study of matter and energy at its most fundamental level. Matter and energy are the building blocks of life and everything else. And QP addresses the laws, principles, characteristics, and properties of this tiny world.  As a science QP  has the goal to identify, define and use the properties and behaviors of these entities of this inner world as the very building blocks of nature.

The subatomic particles and their principles assist in the building of time space and in timeless end space less existence. A question can be asked, if you cannot see a particle constituents, “do they exist?” We strongly affirm yes. We see the invisible through responses and when using applied technologies, we see them directly.

An example of perception technology is when we use the electron microscopes and similar devices such as the spectroscopy, which extracts information from interactions between light and matter with a high-resolution microscopy, to extend our ability to perceive the our world.  Upon the use of assisted technologies the answer is always “yes we can see them and they do exist.”  This triggers us to ask the next question, “if you can’t see a species of being, even with these technologies do they it exist?”


I Can’t Perceive It, Is It Real?

We can see the atoms in our body only through the use of special sensitive scientific tools and devices. An example of the device is the transmission electron microscope which magnifies to the billionth of a meter, nanometer. The properties are quantized as the tiniest functioning units of energy when it is at this level.  At this level we can see.     

At this level particles move in and out from particle to wave and then back to particle. As they change, state they change in energy. They actually leap, much like electrons move from one electron shell “s” to the “p” orbital shell you read about in chemistry.   When the particle jumps, it is called a quantum leap, and its new location, is difficult to predict. The turbulence or wave is the output, and thus the actual location is probabilistic and is discrete, meaning that it is found in exact levels, not half, or partial levels. There is a principle that expresses the phenomena of uncertainty with regards to positioning. The cause of this effect is due to the system of measuring. When one property is expressed and performed, it disturbs the particle in such a manner that other measurements become inaccurate. In Psionics, we explain some of these principles, and in Psionic Circles we will offer a course of instruction on how to “override” this effect. The goal is to know how to catch the particle or its wave and later we will learn to communicate to their systems. Thus, it is definitely real, and beyond theoretical.


Waves and Particles

When eating a bowl of soup when you are watching yourself, you can see what is in the soup. Sometimes, you can’t exactly see what is in the spoon because of the density of the soup or the blending of the flavors and ingredients. What if you could tell in advance the flavors before you placed the spoon to your lips.

So, at the heart of quantum physics, we have time space that contains subatomic particles that are in a soup of sorts and some particles are gestures in wave energy levels, while others are matter form and behave like a particles. They change states, move to different energy orbitals and the Quanta can be measured.

This was a difficult concept. Einstein once said that quantum mechanics should allow two objects to affect each other’s behavior instantly across vast distances, something he dubbed “spooky action at a distance”. This statement was based upon the assertion of the Uncertainly principle of the quantum world which states that it is impossible to know both the exact position and the exact velocity of a subatomic particle. This is inspire of the Quantum Entanglement property of subatomic particles where pairs of particles are linked or entangled regardless of the distance between them.

The particle and wave states of the particles propose limits and are rectified by superposition. It is the viewing of the object that creates its objective reality. Much like a Ghost Hunter would experienced. In order to see a ghost in a haunted house they need to be present at the time that ghost is active in order to see it in action. They ghost may be active during “off” hours however when the hunter is not in phase with the event they will not be able to view it.

The particles of the quantum world are precisely like searching for a particle’s position and velocity.  The Uncertainty Principle prohibits this from occurring.  Until… we develop the “right” tools with the “right consciousness”.

Let’s change gears and look at Quantum Science (QS) briefly as the we apply the concepts of science to  quantum physics.


Quantum Science

Quantum science then is the study of science applied to quantum principles.  Science is the disciplined, study, and branch of knowledge directed into a specific field through the use of observing, predicting, experimenting, explaining, and organizing bodies of information in a way that is useful to many other industries.  When we apply these methods to the quantum world we have a complete body of knowledge that is proven to be accurate and useful for the application of technology.

So, QS is performs research using these principles to understand the nature to answer questions, and solve problems. They use theoretical assumptions and conduct experiments to test whether their solutions work. The data and information discovered is applied to the medical industry, computer industry, and others and fuels our engineering and technology.  It looks at particles and their applications. In other words, the atoms of all matter  has structure and functions which dictate how it should respond and react to stimuli.

Research into the Quantum world should be structured, methodical, practical, sustainable, and helpful to everyone who lives on the planet, as it belongs to everyone, not just a targeted market.  And again, it is up to everyone to claim their right to this realm.  They must understand it themselves, and they must directly access it.


A Passing Thought

It is thought that within the quantum world exists intelligence that some call God.  If that is so, and it is our Psionic Circles viewpoint that it is correct, in the past there has always been a Priest, Rabbi, Preacher, Shaman, Sifu or other spiritual leader who we have proxied our energy and rights to.  This would have seemed like wisdom at the time, but time has proven that humanity’s thirst for power has created social economic imbalances and has thwarted our ability to evolve to our fullest.  We predict in the future negligence of basic life principles such as quantum will not serve us and will work to individual destruction.

The choice is always yours how much you learn about the world around you, but in truth, history has shown that people “do not want to be responsible” for others, and to force someone to look after your own good, tends to end with tyranny, dictators, mistreatment and social problems.  The Jews and the Hindus have a good system of each person learning about truth for themselves.  They believe that to fail to look after yourself and your family is perhaps the greatest immoral act considered to be a great transgression against divine law.

We should keep this in mind.

Thank you for reading!

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