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Psionic Technology is a special branch of technology that integrates the human being in a very personal way with technology.  Psionics, remember is the study and use of tangible and non tangible forces and energies by an individual.  Technology is defined as the sum of any techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of a device, sequence of coded electronic instructions created by the mind as goods or services, that is used by individual for some purpose.

When we combine Psionics and Technology, we have the use of one’s mind to produce through the integration of tangible and non tangible forces and energies of the individual towards technological processes, techniques, and/or skills which produce something of value that makes the individual life easier or more enjoyable.  The Psion learns how to control electrical systems in ways that have not be accomplished by humans in the past.

It is not the use of the voice to skull app or like devices that create synthetic telepathy.  It is a way in which the human mind, without the use of third parties begins to integrates with the Soul of electrical mechanics.  It seems like a place of science fiction until the individual undergoes training and learns the true capacity of their own mind.


Who Uses This Skill and Some Evidence

We are not going to fool you, the reader, into believing that this skill is for everyone.  It is not.   It is available for all that have a sound and practical and rational mind.  But, not everyone is inclined to want to integrate or can stabilize themselves enough to accomplish it.  The science behind it is simple.  As an example, imagine that you are an auto mechanic.  You started studying vehicles when you were 10 to 15 years of age.  You know vehicles from the bottom up and the top down.  You are now in your thirties as a Master Mechanic.  You have developed and honed your skill to a point where you only have to touch the car or hear it hum to know what is right and wrong with it.  It almost talks to you?

As a mechanic, you can fix anything within a very short period of time, and your customers never leave you.  Your customer base has grown to the point where your entire city knows you and they refer everyone needing services to you.

The type of relationship you have with auto mechanics is a Psionic-like relationship.  Vehicles have ceased to be things to you and the relationship that you have developed with them is transcendental.   You talk to the vehicles as you work with them.  Do they respond???  Yes, every time.  You are a Genius at Auto Mechanics.  You have put in the “flight-time” and now you are rewarded handsomely for your energy and efforts.

A song by Queen explains the intensity of the relationship.  Thank you Brian May.


The Psionics of Auto Mechanics

Psionics, as it relates to Auto mechanics, is the use of higher order mind (thought processes), body (skill), and spirit skills in such a manner that a special relationship develops between the man (or woman), and vehicles they touch.   The mechanic has learned about cars, their parts and the relationships between them, on more than the one dimension, that first being the physical.   (S)he has a healthy respect for each of the elements of the vehicle, and things seem to work out better due to the way that they look at their work and the elements of their work.


Back to Psionic Technology

So then, Psionic technology is the ability and skill of the Psion to work with and communicate with objects on more than one dimension in a mutual beneficial manner.   The other levels mark his genius and the resultant is comes from the synergies of all of the energies on all of the levels of dimensions.  The Psion uses their relationship with the object to build a mutual beneficial time-space event.  The event brings out the life forces between the object and the Perceiver.  It is true integration between anything and everything.  It is a place that we all benefit from on a number of different levels.


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