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Psychological Chart for Personal Development
Psychological Chart for Personal Development

Psionics is about learning how to control all of the aspects of your being, the Mind being the controller of all of the other components.  In this article you will acquire more information about yourself that you will be able…

Psionics is about learning how to control all of the aspects of your being, the Mind being the controller of all of the other components.  In this article you will acquire more information about yourself that you will be able to use to discover and build yourself to your best “you”.



Original Date: September 4, 2021

Last Updated: September 8, 2021


Part of the requirements of being a Psion is one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health and stability.  Good health is a byproduct of good habits of the mind and body.  They cultivate the InnerVerse of the individual so that the person reaches and maintains peak states in virtually every area of their lives.  Itt is a fact that most people use less than 10 percent of their mental power.  The reason is not because it is unnecessary.  These same people lead very unhappy lives.  They wake up and convince themselves that the are ok.  That their lives have meaning because the neighbor depends upon them or their children depend upon them or some other being including their dogs and cats depend upon them.

This is a very poor reason for existence and it does the Soul and Spirit little good.  But makes them appear to be useless artifacts  that perhaps some Creator left behind as he was fashioning the human being.  That is not true.  Human beings were created to perform many amazing feats, using the mind, body, and spirit.  Unfortunately, instead of actually searching for our gifts we applaud the “actors” on television who appear to be able to do the things that our inner Soul tells us are completely possible.

Human beings are always moving in one of three directions: Evolution, Involution, or Extinction.  The direction that one takes depends upon the control and quality of their mind, body, Soul and Spirit energies and those outputs.  A person who is well connected with their body, mind, Soul and Spirit is like an engine that is burning on all cylinders.  Each cylinder has two qualities possible.  One is a constructive quality, and the other is a destructive quality.

A constructive quality means that the cylinder promotes the cooperative interactions with the surroundings of life and it uses those elements with the primary desire to build the their system.   The action of the quality within the cylinder adds value to the surroundings and is rewarded with better resources so that its cylinder can grown and evolve its skills.  The person of this type is thought to be an evolutionary being within the area that it uses those being; body, mind, Soul, and Spirit.

A destructive quality means that the cylinder promotes disharmonious and discordant interactions with the surroundings of life and uses the elements of the surroundings with a desire to destroy their system.   The action of the quality within this cylinder destroys value to the surroundings and is punished by loss attracting more loss, first within the surroundings, and then within the personal system.  The person of this type is first thought to be an involutionary being within the area those being; body, mind, Soul, and Spirit.

There is a second level of the destructive quality that can be achieved by man.  It leads beyond the involutionary status and achieves further degradation.  This level is the Extinctive quality.   At this level the cylinder promotes a quality beyond disharmonious and discordant interactions.  It plunges towards rapid death and decay taking with it not only itself at whatever area that is it operating upon, but the coordinate areas of the surrounding reaches the universe.  As everything has connective cords at all levels.


Psychological Traits

In Psionics Circles, we teach people first how to cultivate a burning desire to find that inner part of themselves that has all of the “right” answers.  This part of us will lead us  to discovering our unique purpose in life, as well as teach us how to cultivate and use all of our innate human gifts.  Each and every one of us have amazing gifts that do not require any machinery or technology.  There has been countless people throughout history that have used a larger part of their minds to access their abilities.

Do you have the Burning desire to explore your InnerVerse, the inner resources of your mind?  If you do, the next step is self mastery.  In this little article we will outline a brief system that will assist in pointing you in the right direction.  It all starts with Will and Desire.  Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could do the following:

  1.  Magnify your Mental production so that you can use it to give you the full value for all of the things that you desire in life.  The full value of:
    1. 1 Money
    2. 1 Health
    3. 1 Career
    4. 1 Relationships
    5. 1 Satisfaction
  2. Cultivate great Health, Balance and Well-being so that you can comfortably handle any challenge that you face and achieve success.
  3. Time Efficiency is the ability to use your control to control the minutes and hours you have in your day so that you do the things you want to do and ought to without wastefulness.
  4. Creative Power is the ability to visualize or imagine a thing and then bring the object into physical manifestation so that it works for you.
  5. Concentration is the ability to direct your thought into the problem or object of your attention long enough to create a solution or utilize the object to its fullest capacity.
  6. Energy is the force that first and foremost allows you to live.  Without energy you would not be able to exist on Earth or anywhere else.  Apparently even in Heaven and Hell a person requires energy to continue to exist.  Without the energy of intellect on some level the persons atoms disperse and leave its current form to be picked up in some other intelligence that can hold themselves together.
  7. Use and Control over Your Spirit is when you combine your energy created by your body and mind (your field) and cause it to perform the things that you require in your life.  You use your Spirit to find you the perfect job or career, find you the “right” partner,  cultivate for you a feeling inner and outer of life satisfaction with a mind set of personal growth and evolution as your develop all of your special gifts.


The Test Instructions

For this test you will need to find a quiet place and be seated.  Grab a piece of paper or your journal to write down entries after each section.  For the test you will do the following:

1. Sit comfortably in your seat.

2. Read the question out loud and then close your eyes.

3.  Place your left hand upon your right should and ask yourself quietly the answer.

4.  Once the first answer comes to you, open your eyes and write that in your journal.

5.  You may need to ask the question more than once if it feels off.

6.  Move on to the next questions performing the same for steps 2 – 4.

Test Notes: 

The reason that you read the question out loud is so that all of your senses take part in the questioning.

The reason you close your eyes to to assist you to reach a deeper place for ponder the answer.

The reason you place your left hand on your shoulder is because the shoulder is related to the knowledge and perception.

We write down our responses so that we don’t forget them due to distractions.

We repeat to ascertain truth through the Law of Repetition


Please honestly answer the following questions.

The Test Questions

A.  Mental Production

  1.  Do you know what you are worth in terms of treatment?
  2.  Do you know what you are worth in terms of financial payments?
  3.  Are you working a job, or a career?
  4.  Is it your chosen job, or career?
  5.  Do you have high level of knowledge in your field/job?
  6.  Do you have high level of expertise in your field/job?
  7.  Do you have company loyalty?
  8.  How is your level of energy when you work?
  9.  Does your raises reflect your work and contribution?

B.  Health and Balance

  1.  Do you eat well?
  2.  Do you drink lots of fluids including water?
  3.  Do you sleep well?
  4.  Do you get plenty of exercise and recreation?
  5.  Can you perform your work or studies without any handicaps?
  6.  Do you jump up early and feel refreshed?
  7.  Do you bath regularly?
  8.  Do you eliminate regularly?
  9.  Is your mind sharp and clear?

C.  Time Efficiency

  1.  Do you work, sleep, and use recreation, study, and self improvement in equal time proportions?
  2.  Do you waste or fritter away time in activities that do not build you into a better person?
  3.  Are you disturbed by dreams for any reason?
  4.  Do you design, plant, and organize your time so that you are productive?

D.  Creative Power

  1.  Do most of the people you meet do what you would like them to do?
  2.  Do they feel positive towards you?
  3.  Do you have leadership abilities?
  4.  Do people around you do the right thing?
  5.  Are you able to picture an idea and grow it into being?

E.  Concentration

  1.  Do you know what it means to concentrate?
  2.  Can you direct your thoughts for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes as you will to the absolute exclusion of everything else?
  3.  Can you cease thinking about the matter and not come back to it again?

F.  Energy

  1.  Do you have lots of energy to get you through the day?
  2.  Do you exercise on a regular basis to create  and cultivate energy?
  3.  Can you control your levels of energy and direct them in any way you desire?
  4.  Do you eat plenty of food to give your cells the right type of energy as fuel?
  5.  Do you drink plenty of fluids to give your cells the right type of energy as fuel?
  6.  Do you get plenty of sleep to allow your body to breakdown cells that are unnecessary and build the cells that require repair?
  7.  Do you have people in your life that steal energy from you when you are around them?
  8.  If so, do you have the energy to let them go?

G.  Use and Control over Your Spirit

  1.  Do you see auras?
  2.  Are you telepathic?
  3.  How well do you direct energy to other things?
  4.  Is your home reflective of your higher ideals?
  5.  Does your friends and associates reflect the same level of energy as you?
  6.  What is the income of your 5 closes friends?  Is your income greater or less by more than 10 – 20%?


Thank you for Reading!

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop my studies into skills. I have practiced Tarot for 20 years along with Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Spiritual Healing, Hebrew Mysticism, Theosophy, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Philosophy. I use all of these skills along with my background in Business, Counselling and Intuition to get to the stem root of every problem and to come up with creative Answers to heal the person from the Inside Out, and Outside In.

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