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Tarot in The Subconscious Mind Part 5
Tarot in The Subconscious Mind Part 5

  Last Updated:  August 4, 2021 Introduction The final five cards of the Tarot Language represent the culmination of the Journey.  It is where the individual merged with the consciousness of the Soul and either wins or fails in his…


Last Updated:  August 4, 2021


The final five cards of the Tarot Language represent the culmination of the Journey.  It is where the individual merged with the consciousness of the Soul and either wins or fails in his journey. Thus, much like a good plot in a story we have the hero’s journey.  The plot always starts with the Protagonists who sets out to change his status quo for some reason.  And then S(h)e towards the end, either goes through character integration, or character disintegration.  The journey is always marked by some sort of net change in persona.

So, too, is the communication between the Soul and the Personality.  The Soul seeks to evolve the Personality, much like a new born child who is unable to effectively communicate with its mother, until it learns to talk. It is the parents tireless efforts that ensures that every healthy baby talks.

The Soul, then must teach the individual through a series of images and symbols, and feeling, what the person needs to learn to enable proper growth and personal success.


The Beginning is The Star

Let us now start where we left off, with the bright and radiant Star, card 17, for after the Tower, there should be light reflecting off the Personality, even if it is hurried through its experience.

The astral body, if sufficiently developed should have light from the good deeds and positive emotions that had been experienced before death.  (Astral means relating to or resembling stars) 

Therefore the 17th card, The Star, represents the experience of light, It is the movement of the journeyman through time and space creating high emotional energy, elation, middle emotional energy; anger or frustration, and lower emotional energy despair.  The stability Between the levels is the creation of light.  Thus, whatever you have gained is seen as your light, your special signature, and your marker of attainment.  If your light is bright and steady, it is perceived as a calming and trustworthy force for you and all those who are around you,  It was said that Siddhartha Buddha had an light field (Aura) that was over 3,500 kilometers, and some say that it was hundreds of miles. He developed within his journeys good will.

Conversely, if your light is unsteady, or dark, then people perceive you as untrustworthy, challenging, and needy.  It is the type of light that people will shy away from and treat harshly.  It is not pleasant to have or experience as it indicates a Soul that has either left the body, and/or a criminal soul.

We will now move to the next card, 18 The Moon.  The Moon Card represents one of two possibilities for the journeyman.    She may possesses an unsteady Star, that consistently doesn’t live up to her highest aspirations.  She has a personality that obsessively listens to others and who doesn’t have control over their own life.  She may complain, or suffer in silence.  This functions to turn her star on and off whimsically, by disassociation with her Soul and Spirit either periodically or permanently.

The other possibility is that he is a young person (physically or emotionally), and going through high emotional periods where their inner Sun is blocked, and he must use his Sun seasonally or phases. This person must reflect an inner Sun or the light of others, whom they trust or must endure until they find the confidence to always shine bright on their own.

Abusive children fall under this categories and adults who haven’t evolved during the stages of their grades.  See Grades of Humanity.

The Moon speaks of the person’s needs, fears and insecurities.  It suggests that the Personality may not have all of the information, or needs to find and use unconventional means to obtain their goals.  Tread lightly, is the message of the Moon, by the Soul.

Once, the individual removes the fears, and insecurities created by the Moon, then they are free to reestablish their connection with their true Self. Their Astral bodies are now being fueled by the proper use of fear, converting insecurities into confidence. This occurs for booth possible cases of the Moon Card.

The Sun Card, 19, is now freely allowed to shine forth. It is the Star card claimed and personalized by the Personalized.  The journey is nearly ended. This is the time for celebration, joy, unabashed expression of self, which means material success and attainment. It is the exhalation of accomplishment.   Luck is in your hands.  , but not without the price

The second to last card is Judgement, 20.  Judgement is all the accumulated costs that have been accruing that you didn’t see as you were going through the journey.  It is the slight that you gave the cashier,  the money you owe your friend that you hadn’t paid back, it is car work that you avoided or didn’t have enough money to manage, it is the prayers of thanks to your Soul, Spirit, and to the Creators for your series or successes. These must be paid back. Life isn’t free. It isn’t an all you can eat smorgasbord.  In order for you to continue to enjoy your Sun, you must pay all those you owe.  And once you have, you are ready for Completion.

The World Card, 21 is the final Step of the Journey.  It represents the end where “The World is At Your Feet”  and the Universe is now on your side as you have repaid all of your debts, you have learned all of the lessons of life, this particular journey, and you radiate mastery.  All of your required initiation have been fulfilled, and you have completed your grades.  You genuinely owe no-one, and no one owes you.  You can continue to operate at your highest levels, as you have tuned into your greatest asset and power, your Soul.



Now What?

You have completed the symbolic language of the Soul through the Tarot Cards.   You now have a means of knowing what you Soul desires of you.  You now know what your Spirit is waiting for.  If you ever need to communicate to your Soul or  Spirit, use the Card symbolism to transmit and receive information.

Thank you for Reading.

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