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The Astral Planes Part 1
The Astral Planes Part 1

The Astral Planes are the Domain and Realm of both the living and the dead of all beings that ever lived on the planet.  It also the Realm of Heaven and the Akashic Records.   Introduction As a human living in…

The Astral Planes are the Domain and Realm of both the living and the dead of all beings that ever lived on the planet.  It also the Realm of Heaven and the Akashic Records.  


As a human living in the 21st century, most of us have been indoctrinated with a very limited understanding of anything that is outside of the physical plane of existence.  It is only with the advent of the microscope technology tool of the understanding of atoms and their subatomic particles, quantum physics with its mechanics, along with its associated technologies, that we actually realize through direct experience nonphysical realities within the unseen forces and their worlds.  And while humanity has a historical belief in God, deities and other spiritual forces, it is only within the last 60 years or so that we can actually connect the dots and know that there is an animated invisible world in a way that doesn’t require blind faith the currency to the unseen world in the past.

This article is the first of many that outline the Astral Plane for the masses.  It is written for those individuals who don’t have the time to study esoteric works, but need to know what this realm is like and a have a general understanding of the inhabitants for the purpose of knowing what is “Truth and Falsity” so that they may protect themselves and their families from not only the unseen forces, but from those people who would exploit their lack of understanding on the subject.   The Bible talks about the role of false prophets placed in society to deceive the leaders and the people.  1 Kings 22:6  relates a story about 400 false prophets who attempted to lead the King of Israel unwisely into battle.   And we are warned in Ezekiel 13, “Thus says the Lord GOD, Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! Your prophets have been like jackals among ruins, O Israel” (vv. 3–4).  Ezekiel maintains that listening to lower spirits within false prophets that are indwelt with evil or maintain an unevolved soul,  will cause the people who struggle ethically and morally, to experience calamity, as they perceive what they believe to be the right cause, except in truth, it destroys everything good in its wake.

And then in the New Testament, in Matthew 7:15,

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Translated from the Original Greek;

“TΠροσέχετε ἀπὸ τῶν ψευδοπροφητῶν, οἵτινες ἔρχονται πρὸς ὑμᾶς ἐν ἐνδύμασιν προβάτων ἔσωθεν δέ εἰσιν λύκοι ἅρπαγες.”

Yes, these are actually humans who play on your fears and insecurities and see to steal not only your virtue and honor, but seek to steal your heart that is your body.

So to know the Astral planes, its inhabitants and landscape, will allow you to judge soundly using intellect and your highest governing principle, that compass which is pointed ever North towards safety and security for you and your family and the knowledge of a Universal Truth.  This truth will assist you in making the best decisions in every area of your life.

We will begin then with defining the  Astral Plane is and then will progress to the inhabitants (Human and Non-human) and then finish with man and his association with this plane when he is still in the physical body.


The Astral Plane: What is it?


In a previous article we discussed the Constitution of Man and the 3 primary bodies that each individual possess.  They are the Gross Physical body, the Astral Body and the Mental Body.   These bodies live in a place that is especially built to allow full freedom and control within its designated realm.  That is to say that the physical body lives and operates fully within the physical planet earth.  the astral body lives and operates within its Astral Plane.  and the mental body works and operates best within its personal Mental Plane.

Any body attempting to work on a Plane that is not its domain is certain to meet with peril. It is liken to a man attempting to physically move around in outer space without any sort of space equipment.  Space is a special physical plane.  It is a domain that has its own rules. laws and thus requires special handling, equipment and/or vehicles to safely operate within its realm.  You can not easily break the law of realm or the plane.  Thus, the Astral Plane requires special equipment to effectively navigate through its terrain.

The Astral body and Mental bodies are considered spirit bodies.  They are formed of a type of substance that is not matter, which is defined as that which is distinct from mind and spirit; and that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, which is especially distinct from energy. (energy defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity).  and power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines.  So. the lower spiritual bodies have their place in nature and the basic law states that you can not break these laws.


Composition and Scenery

The Astral Plane is a real plane and place and some believe it as a state of being as its inhabitants are composed of lights and shapes that frequently change.  It is a field where  emotional and certain mental energies of all beings reside.  It is also a world of many layers or subdivisions. much like the physical plane has its layers of atmosphere. water. earth and core magna at the Earth’s core.  This world is a parallel reflection of the physical world of nature.  Therefore an object on the physical plane will have a astral image counterpart.  This counterpart is made up of light. shape and color.  Therefore. where we see a rock on the physical plane. there would be an astral counterpart that reflects the light. colors. shape of the rock.  And each of the seven planes are reflective of the different dimensions and densities of the scenery. The lower the dimension, the denser the  light. color. and shape.  Density is a quality of concentration by volume, and this is certainly true of the subplanes.  It follows the law of attraction whereby only energies that are sympathetic to one another will be found together.  This means that the energies must be alike in order to associate, or be in the same space.   An example of this is found in the subplanes that are lowest, densest, and darkest, you will find the lower animal nature and evil of all type, human, elemental, and non-human.

In contrast, within the highest and loftier areas of the Astral Plane, you will find the emotions more conceptual, formed, pale in color and and pure in nature.  The purity represent feelings and emotions that are closest to divine and they follow divine law.  The higher the dimensions, the clearer the shape of the image as well.

As an example of astral shapes, if one were looking at a glass cube,  they would see that all of the sides would all  appear equal, as they really are.  They would also view the walls and edges as clear.  The view is not the same on the physical plane as density of the walls of the glass blocks the view.  You can also imagine a building but with walls and content that you can see clearly inside and out.

In an application of the physical body, a number of people have discovered that upon losing a limb they can still feel the lost limb.  And when the area is viewed with special lens it is discovered that the missing limb can be still seen.  This is because the astral counterpart has not be removed. only the physical.

Thus, in summary the Astral Plane is a multi-dimensional plane that is made up of the lights, shape, and colors of the physical objects that exist in the physical world and it is governed by the laws of attraction which includes composition density as energy is found and moves through a concentration gradient.


What are it’s inhabitants?

Within this plane there are many different classes of beings.  and in this article we will discuss the three great classes; the human, the non-human, and the artificial. These are found at the varying layers of astral matter according to their light, shape, color and being.  And within the next few paragraphs each of these classes will be discussed.  We begin with the Human Class.


Human Astral Bodies in the Astral World

There are humans that exist in the Astral Planes and they fall within two categories, living and dead.  The living possess a physical body and the dead are without physical bodies.  The living may be highly advanced human beings such as Adepts, who fashion their astral bodies out of mind-body stuff which then acts as a vehicle for the Adept to move around for the purpose of learning more about life (exploration), communicating with physically dead Masters or other beings that are operating on the Astral planes, performing various services for humanity.  They may be under the guidance of a living or dead spiritual masters and thus are being trained.  There are great schools held in these planes and many great teachers.  The students tend to be humans who have devoted themselves to the Great Plan which serves to evolve Humanity and the sentient beings that exist on the planet.

The next group of living humans that are found on the Astral planes are the psychically developed people.  These people may or may not be spiritually evolved in this incarnation and have the ability and talent to travel to the Astral World because of previous incarnations in which they had attained a high level of spiritual development.  Also they may or may not be noble in this incarnation as their gift of travel is a result of past development.  As such, they may enter and understand what they see or they may be disillusioned and duped by the beings and meaning of the images they witness while visiting.

Ordinary People are the third group of living humans found in the Astral World.  These are individuals who do not possess any psychic development.  It is during deep slumber that they may find themselves in this environment.  They float unconsciously as their mental bodies are withdraw from their bodies.  In some cases, however, this astral vehicle is less lethargic, and floats dreamily about on the various astral currents, occasionally recognizing other people in a similar condition, and meeting with experiences of all sorts, pleasant and unpleasant, the memory of which, hopelessly confused and often travestied into a grotesque caricature of what really happened, will cause the man to think next morning what a remarkable dream he has had.  Good and bad astral dreams are beheld by these people.  People who have behaved with ill-intent may discover some of the astral demons found in this level.  Ordinary people can train their systems to remember their meetings dreams in the Astral world.  This is the place where the events of the day are relayed as video pictures, meant to assist the sleeping person of the dynamics of their lives, and suggest means of resolving issues.

The last group of living human found in the Astral Planes is the Black Magician or his pupil. This class  is similar to the Adepts except that they exist to create evil and use the astral planes in the development of dark aims.  The powers that they have gained in life and have retailed are generally only used for purely selfish aims and do not benefit humanity.  They are limited in height of dimension or subplane by their level of consciousness.  Therefore, they are not found in the highest areas of the astral world according to their emotional and astral densities.


Continued  in  article entitled “Astral Plane” Part 2

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