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The Astral Planes Part 2
The Astral Planes Part 2

There are not only living beings in the Astral world but there are dead beings (those who do not have attached a living physical body).  They range from highly spiritualized such as the Enlightened Beings to the Black Magus. The…

There are not only living beings in the Astral world but there are dead beings (those who do not have attached a living physical body).  They range from highly spiritualized such as the Enlightened Beings to the Black Magus.

The Dead Beings of the Astral World

Within the Astral Plane there are also dead beings that exist within the various sub-planes and sublevels.  Our definition of dead is those without a physical body as a counterpart.  They are divided into nine individual classes and will not be discussed in length as this is just an introduction.  We will instead outline who they are and what they are.  If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to take the Astral Course or read a future article on this amazing subject the Astral Plane.

As we mentioned there are nine classes of beings that are without a body that are found in the Astral Planes.  They are:

  1. The Nirmânakâya is an Enlightened Being (Bodhisattva) that typically would never be found on such a low plane as this but has for some reasons decided to create a body on this level.
  2. The Spiritual Student awaiting reincarnation to the physical plane.
  3. The Average Person after death who is was virtuous in life and is living in “Heaven”.
  4. The Shade that contains a portion of the personality of the person.  It is swayed by all kinds of evil influences, and, having separated from its higher Ego and lends itself readily to various minor purposes of the black magicians.
  5. The Shell is an astral corpse in process of disintegration, every particle of the lower mind stuff (thoughts) having left it.
  6. The Vitalized Shell is a malevolent being—a true tempting demon, whose evil influence is limited only by the extent of its power.
  7. The Suicide or sudden death is a man/woman who is torn from physical life hurriedly while in full health and strength, whether by accident or suicide, finds himself upon the astral plane under conditions differing considerably from those which surround one who dies either from old age or from disease.
  8. Vampires and Werewolves are very rare possibilities and are arising from the fact that they are really relics of earlier root races.
  9. The Black Magus is similar to the Enlightened Beings except they defy the natural process of evolution by maintaining himself by magical arts in sometimes of the most horrible nature.


The Non Human Inhabitants of the Astral Plane

In addition to human beings that live and are dead existing in the Astral Planes there are also the Non human beings that live in the Astral World.  They will simply be outlined as the space is this article is limited.  They are:

  1. The Elemental Essence belonging to our own evolution
  2. Animals.
  3. Nature Spirits
  4. Angels


Artificial Beings existing on the Astral Plane
The class of Artificial Astral Entities are inchoate mass of semi-intelligent entities, differing among themselves as human thoughts differ, and practically incapable of anything like classification or arrangement.

  1. Elementals formed unconsciously.
  2. Elementals formed consciously.
  3. Human Artificial.  We will just stay that these are a class of beings that existed and were part of the Great Lodges of Atlantean Races.


Why does it Exist?


The Astral Plane is a multi dimensional plane of emotions and traces of higher thought, memory, and psychic energy.  It is the ending place of the Souls of all beings and it is thought to be where all gods go when they die or are forgotten.  Therefore it is may be Tartarus of the Greeks and Valhalla of the Vikings along as the Christian Heaven and the Hindu Nirvana.  It is a place of light color and form.  The Astral Plane is where souls as a vehicle perishes after time and the mental stuff continues onward to its development and evolution.   And it is the location of the Akashic Records, Master Diary of Life.



The Astral Plane acts as a level of heaven. Most individuals after the death of their physical body, a near death experience or astral projection go to this realm. The Astral plane is the realm of emotions and thus it is the emotions of the human and beings which drive them to their appropriate sublevels.


Akashic Records

The Light of life records all events within the Records of the Astral Light as a photographic representation of all that has ever happened. These records are permanently impressed upon that higher medium called the Âkâsha, and are only reflected in a more or less spasmodic manner in the astral light, so that one whose power of vision does not rise above this plane will be likely to obtain only occasional and disconnected pictures of the past instead of a coherent narrative. But nevertheless pictures of all kinds of past events are constantly being reproduced on the astral plane, and form an important part of the surroundings of the investigator there.


What does this Mean to You

Now that you understand a little more about this amazing plane you might ask yourself how does this relate to me?  How can I make the most of this information to assist me in knowing truth and to make the lives of my family and myself better.  We close with answering these two questions in the last few paragraphs.


How does this relate to me?

You now know that your being is made up of more than just a physical body and its energy.  You also know that a level of your energy is called Astral Body which is used to navigate through the astral planes while alive and when you are physically dead as well.  The difference between the use when alive and when you are dead depends upon where you are in your evolution and how you want to position yourself and play the “Game of Life”.   The levels of Astral Plane determine your “heaven or hell” both while you are living physically on earth as well as the afterlife.  You also know that you will take a portion of your personality with you when you die and that level ranks you pointing your direction as due North or South.

Whatever direction you point yourself in life will move you in that direction in your afterlife as a Soul and if you have a well developed Mind-Spirit you continue ascending to higher heavens those of the Astral Plane being the lowest.  And that will manifest either in Lessons Bliss or Hell.  The beings human and other that you will encounter at your Soul destination will be just like you.  In the Astral World associations always follow the law of Like Attracts Like.  In the Astral World everything eats or consumes.  What you consume will depend upon what where you are and what lunches you packed with you to the afterlife trip.

The best thing that you can do is to lead an exemplary life as a living being and develop your emotional body your mental body and cultivate good relationships with everyone and thing you come in contact with.  The Lord Buddha was correct in the lessons of living a Noble Truth and the Noble Paths.  Christ was correct when he taught that each person is endowed with the gifts of the Spirit and should cultivate good relationships with one another.  All of the great spiritual teachers had similar messages.  Ask yourself with everything that you do if you are living your best life and where would you like your endgame to take you.

How can I Use this for Me and My Family

We live in a world that constantly challenges us.  It is not easy to stay on the virtuous and noble path.  The number one rule is to learn to control ourselves and our destiny.  It starts with know yourself truthfully and understanding your gifts.  We all have gifts.  We need to direct them towards our self knowledge and then use to find and follow our true purpose.  The closer we follow our true purpose the more gifts and external help we be offered.  Use all with the spirit of gratitude speaking with the Source/Creator much and sharing your newly acquired light.  This light is what you will keep with you  always.

Share your light with your family.  Teach them to find themselves and their purpose.  Help them to cultivate their own light.  Cultivate their mental abilities and higher order spiritual gifts.  Teach them to be in gratitude to you and all good things in their lives especially their Source/Creator.

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