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Water: Life Protection
Water: Life Protection

Introduction In a previous article we discussed the rudiments of the human aura.  Today we go into a little more detail with the theme and focus being on self-protection.  Human beings are constantly being bombarded by various electromagnetic influences that…


In a previous article we discussed the rudiments of the human aura.  Today we go into a little more detail with the theme and focus being on self-protection.  Human beings are constantly being bombarded by various electromagnetic influences that range from sound to light to the highest radiations.  They can be found as noise on the streets, your mobile phone as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G radiations and many other technological systems including the electrical power towers.   In the Psionic world we always protect each area of our human biological systems.  We also teach our children and other family members how to protect themselves.

It is no secret that the world has not historically been a very safe place.  99% of everything that ever lived is now extinct physically, and humans cannot be held accountable as the sole cause of the extinction.  Natural disasters and the evolutionary forces caused by various species of beings and organisms have been a major cause and threat to life diversity on planet Earth.  Therefore, it behoves all of us to be prepared physically, mentally, and energetically for any and all potential causes of destruction.   As we learned in the previous article the human aura is the first indicator and warning source for humans.

The purpose of this article is to give you our trusted reader a more in-depth understanding of the human aura, and to present to you a practical course of action to be taken to protect yourself and your family against harmful EM (electromagnetic) radiations coming from any external source, including human, mobile devices power stations and other forms of technology.   The diligent practice of the few basic exercises and skills that you will be obtain from reading this article will ensure your personal energies will be protected, safe, and will expand so that you will become the best version of yourself.  To this end we will begin with clearly defining the aura, move on to its composition and functions and will end with exercises to develop your aura and build it to protect yourself and family.


Definition of the Aura

The journey of understanding the aura begins with a clear dictionary definition of the word.


definitions in:

Mundane Occult and Medicine

noun: aura; plural noun: aurae; plural noun: auras

  1. the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.
  2. a emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.
  3. a warning sensation experienced before an attack.

And we can glean that from a mundane standpoint the aura is a “distinct quality that seems to surround a person.  It is also an emanation surrounding the body that is regarded as essential to the person.  And finally, it is a warning sensation experienced before some sort of attack.   Each of these definitions give a facet of the quality of the aura but let’s take a step back and give you a better understanding using examples.

When you are happy you give off a happy vibration.  This means that your face is smiling, your posture is bouncing, your energy is upbeat.  You exude a feeling of radiant contentment.  This feeling is physically manifested in your smile, emotionally manifested as brightness and vibrancy, and is mentally manifested as joy.  And there are manifestations at the higher levels as well.  The people that you meet while in this state see congruence of your joy and happiness on many levels.  They see the look on your face and feel your energy.   When you leave their company, they feel the void of where your happiness existed moments before.  This is the aura from an extremely basic level.  And in the next sections we will go into the aura in more depth.


Composition and Perception of the Aura

It was mentioned in the previous article that the Aura is made up of colours, and energy.   In addition, the Aura is made of densities of light, bristle-like light, swirls, combinations of colours and star-like-light or halos (found only in some people).  The light is from the electromagnetic spectrum and is found at each of the seven levels or planes of the person’s being.  The average person has not developed the spiritual faculties to “see” this radiation, this generally requires practice, but they can feel it.  The seven levels are the physical body, the astral body, the prana body, the instinctive body, the intellectual body, the Spirit-Mind body, and the Spiritual body level.

Each of the seven principles radiates a particular type of energy and their combined collection is the field that we know as the Aura. The radiations are mostly invisible to the average eyes.  People that have developed their spiritual gifts are able to see to the level of their development.  To see the lower five principles or levels requires the development of the rods and cones of the eyes in addition to the unfolding aspect of your Soul/Spirit complex.  It is rare to see the Aura of the highest two levels, but they may be felt as something that is different, special, or to be feared if the person is a dark soul/spirit.  As one develops their ability to see any of the levels, their vision develops from blurry vision to absolute clarity.  This includes understanding the meaning behind what one sees which includes knowing the level of the person that they are looking at.

An interesting fact about the Aura is that when each layer is pouring forth emanation the aura doesn’t grow in size.  If two out of the seven are radiating the size of the aura is still maximum length.  As different types of spiritual light and colour they exist within the same space, as a quality of anti-matter, or spirit, and not matter.  Let us now go into the seven levels and briefly outline what they are and their appearance to one who has developed spiritual sight.  After outlining each of the aurae we will then discuss how to develop each of the levels and how they can be used to protect yourself at each of the planes.

Let us begin with the lowest Aura which is the Physical Body Aura.


Physical Body Aura

The physical body Aura is the resultant of the heat and light that is projected from the human body while it is alive and well.  In most people it extends from two to three feet from the body of the person, and it assumes the shape of an oval or egg.  The physical Aura manifesting from the heat and light energy of the body is then colourless or bluish-white in evolved people.  It has the texture of being streaked with bristle-like lines that are much like the hairs on an animal.  In the Psionic Course we refer to this as the animal body.  This represents the physical health of a person and in people with poor health these bristles will be laying down, ruffled, in tangles, twisted or curled.  It is a case of there being a lack of prana in the body from an injury, ailment, and insufficient prana supply to the afflicted areas.

Conversely in people that are healthy it is represented in the body’s physical growth, strengths and weaknesses, physical sensations, pleasant and unpleasant. The emanation is extraordinarily strong in athletes and people who are in touch with themselves- enjoy life’s pleasures like food and comfort.

It is easily seen by people with limited spiritual development, and it leaves behind a trail as the person moves through an environment.  This trail is what many of the animal world can easily detect as “scent” when they are tracking.  As mentioned in the definition it is perceived as an atmosphere, emanation, and warning sensation.   So, when we first meet a person and we instinctively get a particular feeling about their health, we may pick up that they have a health issue just through our feeling perception which is an aspect of our Soul.  In this case one does not have to see the physical health manifestation to know that they are unhealthy.  We can perceive it with our mind or with our body Aura.  How do they feel to your senses?   Extremely sensitive people (empaths) perceive it personally through their own body as a personal symptom.  This means that they are in sympathetic rapport.  That is not good for you if you enjoy the sensation of health!  You must learn to turn off your feeling mechanism and learn to perceive with a less personal system.

You can learn more about the Physical Aura by taking the Psionics Course coming soon.


The First Spirit Aura: The Astral Body Aura

The Astral Aura is the second emanation coming from the individual.  It is vapor-like in appearance and colour.  This form makes it somewhat difficult to view especially when the other principles are exuding colour.  When a person dies suddenly or has unfinished business and leaves a ghost the apparition that one sees is the astral body Aura.  This may be an egg-shaped form, or it may be a vapor-like reflection of the human that it represents.  This part of the being also forms one of the vehicles of the Soul when the person is alive as a vehicle for the mental body until it is sloughed off and continues its journey out of the Astral realm and into the Mental Plane.  It is seen as disintegrating fragments of violet light around cemeteries at night.  But more on this topic in the Psionic course.  Suffice it is to say that the Astral Aura is the vehicle of the Soul that exists to let the individual know how its astral body is responding to itself and the environment when you can read your Aura.  Any block in the feeling area of the system slows down the flow of energy. This part of the aura is changeable and fluctuates through the day, depending on the thoughts and emotional stimulation one feels.  It is an indicator or barometer of how a person feels.

Keep in mind that the term Astral Aura does not mean colours or represent colours like the Astral Body, it is merely a reflection of the health of the astral body in a clear or bluish white tint meaning that the individual is spiritualized.  The spiritual part of the aura reflects the energy of the spirit and its development. The colour on this level is stems from the mental bodies and therefore. mental alertness or mental sluggishness.


The Prana Body Aura

The Prana Aura is a vapour cloud of colour that has the appearance of electric spark.  The prana itself has a faint rose coloured tint when it is close to a body but loses it when it moves away.   It represents the vitality of the person and is not fixed within its human.  When the person is in the vicinity of a person that has health problems the weaker person will sometimes draw away the prana aura from the system of the healthy person.  The healthy person will feel mental weariness and in a daze from the loss of a portion of its Aura.   It is this type of Aura which is used for healing others and a trained healer can be seen sending its Prana Aura into the body of the sick person.


The First Mind: The Instinctive Aura

We now move from the Aura of the physical, astral, and prana bodies to the lower mind Aura and emanating principle.   But, to move to this level requires two cost and prices to be paid.  The cost is for the privilege of individual survival, and means by extension, the survival of the species of man, homo sapien itself.  It means the movement then is to the higher bodies so that they may pour forth their energies and use the lower bodies as vehicle for the individual’s benefit as well as the rest of the species and the environment.  The first cost is the energy to access and use the instinctive mind constructively first at the subconscious level as a means of maintaining the physical body and then controlling its passions, appetites, sensations, feelings, and hate.  In other words, stilling the brute animal instincts that cause one to fear what they don’t understand and destroy what they are not.  Until this price is adequately paid the individual’s awareness and consciousness will remain in this low level and thus their soul/spirit complex involutes into lower forms at death or imprisonment in the “Hells of Nature” will follow.

The second price to be paid, is to ensure that the lower bodies are adequately purified by the proper methods to make the system viable.  A sick physical, astral, or prana field represents poor health in those bodies.  It means that the prana and instinct moving through the bodies will not be able to course correctly causing bottleneck within the energies leading to either too much energy, or not enough energy, with the individual showing imbalances of sickness or ill health in the specific and associated bodies.  Also, negative thoughts accumulated over time shows in this area. The imbalances lead to miasmas, psychosis, and a host of other problems.  This also means that the higher bodies will not be able to communicate to and function with the available information, and energy of the prana.  Not only does this state not benefit the individual, but all people who are in contact with the sick will experience at the least a loss of vital energy as well as eventual impaired function over time.


The Second Mind: The Intellect

The notion of the colours of the Aura comes from this level or principle of man.  It develops from the Intellectual Body of man that is responsible for mental states such as the thoughts, emotion, or feelings which manifest a shade or combination of colours that correspond to those colours.  If you have ever wondered why certain colored clothing resonate with you more it is the principle of the Intellect and the law of attraction or like attract like.  A cheery person general reflects their mood with cheerful clothing while a Goth-like person appreciates the darker colours or black.  The mind always (tends) to attract what it is like and what it likes.

Consequently, the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the person colors their field allowing them to attract similar energies to themselves, building this field until it becomes the most stable and habitual field of their being.  These are the colors that are viewed when a trained person reads the Aura.  This is also one of the means by which a person can read another person’s mind as this is a reflection of the individuals’ thoughts.  There is a whole course dedicated to reading a person’s Intellectual Aura but just to get you warmed up here are basic correspondences.


Reading the Aura

In reading the colors there are two aspects to look at.  The first is the actual color and the second is the shade of the color whether it is dark or light.  The darker the shade the lower the energy, thoughts, and feelings.  The lighter the tone, the more evolved the thoughts, feelings and energy.

Black always represents hate, malice, and revenge.

Grey depending on the shade from lighter to darker means selfishness to depression and melancholy.

Green moves from adaptability and healing to deceit and jealousy.

Red means anger to animal passions.

Crimson as rose means love while the heavier color means passion.

Brown with various shades of orange represents avarice and greed.

Orange represents pride and ambition.

Yellow represents intellectual power and mind.

Blue represents spirituality to religious thought.

The colors are only indicators of the person’s current state and can be improved upon by strengthening the positive thoughts and feelings subjugating the lower nature and eliminating physical ailments which act as a distraction and deterrent on the spiritualized path.


The Third Mind: The Spiritual Mind Aura

The Spiritual Mind of the Aura is the primary color yellow.  This aura is invisible to view except the for the very developed however it can be felt by everyone.  It centres around the head somewhat like a halo which has a bit of a glow.   It is found on the heads of spiritual leaders.  This is the Aura of the great teachers of the world such as Buddha, Jesus, and Mohamed.


The Spirit Aura

The last Aura consists of “pure white light” It is rare to see this light as one would require exceptionally high spiritual development.  The Spirit is the Divine spark that the creator has endowed us first at the Soul level and then it grows in strength the Spirit at the seventh principle.  It is a ray of energy like the Sun and is the Real Self of the individual as a particle of the Sacred flame.  It is the God within each of Us.

In terms of spiritual development man must evolve from human to Archangel in mind and in force of power.  At this level man is closes to God.  The Aura is a consequence of the spiritual evolution and the closeness to the Divine.  And through this connection with the Divine God reveals himself and his purpose to the Godly.  Therefore, the Aura is generally seen only by higher order beings.  It is generated from the Spirit body of the individual.  Not everyone can operate their Spirit body so this Aura may be dormant and not fully realized.

It is not within the scope of this article to give you information on how to develop to any of the highest three levels.  Suffice it to say that the Psionic Circles Course or the next article on the Auras will provide more development information.


Using the Aurae For Protection

This part is developed to give the individual an overview of how to develop a protective aura so that they can protect each of one’s bodies and teach this information to their children and family members.

It will be brief as there is limited space within this article.  Also, there is a disclosure.  All of the following information is general in nature.  As each person is different it is impossible to give personal information and prescription to the reader.  In saying this please note that this information is thousands of years old and has been used on the multitude.  It generally has been passed from teacher to student under the teacher’s watchful eye.

While you read it within the comfort of your own environment, do not use the information if you feel in danger in any way.  The Editor and its writers accept liability in any way.


Exercises to Develop Protection using the Aura.

By now you should understand that there are seven principles of human construction, and each exude or emanate a field of energy.  The exercises given will give the reader information regarding this system.


First Rule

In the beginning there was a field of energy that was better than you and it is called the Creator.  The creator knows the rules and the outcome.  Ask for guidance if you are uncertain.

Second Rule

“And the earth was void without form”.  Purity is the theme.  Perform every action and thought with Purity in Spirit.


First Exercise Routine for the Physical Body.

A strong physical body will not allow harm to come to it, therefore you must make your physical body strong with its own medicine… physical work out, good nutrition and food, proper rest.  This will create an extraordinarily strong physical Aura.


Second Exercise for the Astral Body

A strong astral body will overlap and protect the physical bodies and its energy field.  You must imagine your astral body as a white orb that is impenetrable by anything but that which is good for you and the other bodies.  You do this by seeing yourself astral shell covered by pure white energy that nurtures and protects your physical and astral bodies.  Practice this every day for a minimum of five minutes per day. Write down any experiences you have after performing the exercise in your phone or on paper in a diary.  Do not miss a day.


Third Exercise for the Prana Body

The Prana bodies requires inner peace to grow and develop.  It also needs health within the other bodies.  When this body is healthy it can be cultivated and trained.  You need to learn to acquire this energy, grow it, and keep it clean.

In the morning and before you go to sleep perform this activity.  Stand with your feet at shoulder distance apart.  Place your hands in front of you palms facing down.  Slowly move both hands at the same time up until they are level with your shoulders and then gently lower then.  Do this a number of times up to 10.

As you bring your hands up imagine drawing energy from the ground.  As you lower your hands image that you are removing harmful energy.  You are receiving good energy and letting go harmful energy.

Now do the same exercise except when you get to shoulder level curl your arms as though you are holding a large bucket.  Move your hands out to the sides of your body and then back to the centre of your body.  Perform this up to 10 times.

As you bring your hands out you are growing energy within your prana body.  As you move your arms towards you are controlling energy within your prana body. 


Exercise Four for the Instinctive Body Aura

Your Instinctive body is part of your subconscious mind.  It is the storehouse of all of your emotions.  It is important that you store within it your subconscious mind virtues.  See the 7 Cardinal Sins

For this exercise you may lay down or sit up.  Close your eyes and imagine your Instinctive Mind in particular the subconscious mind aspect and location of all of your fears and anxiety but also the home of your safety and security.  It is the home of your lower mind habits.  Recite to yourself five times for each virtue.  It should take you no more than five to ten minutes.

  1.  I have chastity and purity.
  2.  I have charity will and benevolence
  3.  I have diligence and ethics
  4.  I have temperance and equanimity
  5.  I have patience and mercy
  6.  I have kindness and compassion
  7.  I have humility and bravery

Finally say five times.  “And I know when and where to use each of these virtues. “

The last line is the Wisdom portion of your subconscious mind training.   You see that Virtues are liken to tools.  There is always a best tool and a timing to use it.


Exercise Five for the Intellectual Mind Aura

The Aura of the intellectual mind is responsible for the colors.   Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings color this aura.  The Virtue Exercise should assist in raising your vibration, but to build your intellectual mind, focus upon the color primary yellow.  Not only does it relate to the mind, but it also represents your solar plexus energy field.  This field is like your personal sun and is responsible for radiating your true self to the world to attack the people places and things that make you a better person.   You may even purchase and place a yellow stone at your solar plexus to help develop your energy and focus.  The best stones are Yellow Quartz, Citrine, and Yellow Jasper, but any yellow stone will do.  We will have a selection of stones coming soon.

This exercise should take no more than five minutes.   With many of these exercises it is not the amount of time but the intent of the exercise.  It is the development of your will.


Exercise Six for the Spirit-Mind Aura

To develop this portion of your being you must work upon the further development of your highest governing principles.  They should include the theme of Brotherhood and working with others that share your vision of a better world.  This could be people in your workplace, at your religious group, on the sports field, virtually anywhere.  But get involved in an organization that represents you and you values with people who share your vision.  Cultivate the values of nobility, kindness, humanity, justice, and unity.  Extend these values into nature by talking a walk and hugging a tree, allowing a train of caterpillars to go first, whatever it is in nature.  Allow your Spirit to soar with life and the living.  Put this into practice at least once per week preferably daily.


Exercise Seven for the Spirit

The seventh principle of man and its emanation is the Divine Spirit.  It is the God outside that resides within You and everything.  In the last exercise we used our mind/heart to connect our spirit with the outer world.  This is because we have a strong physical body, a glowing astral body, plenty of prana energy courses through our system, our instinctive mind has been given inner peace and wisdom, our intellect is smart, expansive, and wise. And our Spirit mind knows the value of life outside of who we are physically and connects to the Source through others (human and non-human)  

For this exercise you will spend ten minutes meditating upon the Creator and find him/her/it within yourself.  You may sit or stand for this exercise, but settle yourself and then introduce yourself, afterwards remain as still as possible for the next nine minutes.  Your eyes can be open or closed.  Do not imagine that you receive a response, just allow nature, which is the Creator to come through you.



Thank you Photo by Sergey Katyshkin from Pexels for the image.

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