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Year 1: Hatha Yoga
Year 1: Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga and Why is it in the Program? Year 1 Last Updated: May 7 2021 Introduction ψ Hatha Yoga is a Hindu practice and ritual of coming back to yourself and meeting your higher self.  It is…

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What is Hatha Yoga and Why is it in the Program?

Year 1

Last Updated: May 7 2021


ψ Hatha Yoga is a Hindu practice and ritual of coming back to yourself and meeting your higher self.  It is a journey of discovering your limits and then pushing beyond them.  It works initially on the physical level and then extends out through all of your bodies.  At Hatha Yoga’s higher points it meets the other limbs of Yoga.  They are Bhakti Yoga , Karma Yoga, and Raja Yoga.  While this course program is restricted to Hatha Yoga, other limbs will be introduced.  And in Year five Raja Yoga will be fully reviewed and incorporated into your program.

Let’s get back to Hatha Yoga.   Hatha Yoga is the science and practice of cleansing and purifying the body in preparation for higher practices of the Personality, Soul, and Spirit.  It seeks to create systems of control, flexibility, and agility and the physical form traverse through time and space.  The function of the body is to be the primary vehicle of the Personality and the Soul.  It is the only reason that Human beings exists in physical form.  Without an efficient and effective body, the individual is on a trajectory course through a course of disease, and death.  Therefore, it is the duty of every human being to take care of their bodies.  If you don’t need your physical body, you are living in the wrong dimension.

The Hindus, Asians and Jewish people were the first to realize the wisdom.  They created comprehensive systems to maintain physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.  They saw disease and sickness as “sins”, or evidence that the individual did something wrong and it was the gods who were punishing them.   Hatha Yoga is a Hindu system for honoring the human body and ensuring that it is looked after as a living temple of the Gods.

In this beginning course you will start to control your physical body.  This includes cleansing and purifying  so that you will be able to detect and start to use higher levels of energy and will be able to balance out any personal, genetic, hereditary karma.  This is an advantage for you as you will not only control your self, but your outer world will fall in harmony with the inner world that you create.

The Purpose of Hatha Yoga in Psionic Circles

Psionic is the practice and science of utilizing one’s innate ability and science to cause change within themselves and in their outer world to affect change. We will do this with Hatha Yoga to start.  In Psionic Circles, we see your body as your primary means of transport on the physical earth, and it is both a vehicle and a weapon.  If you are unhealthy, unfit or injured, you are a liability to your yourself and others, not an asset.  Hatha Yoga, will assist you in making sure that you have the full use of your health and the physical fitness of the body.

Psions are Professional Human Beings who use their bodies to earn a living for themselves, their families, and contribute positively in their communities.   Your life not only depends upon your healthy and fitness, but your performance and survivability.  Understanding this is the key not only for you, but by extension the whole of humanity.


1) High Relative Strength: Not only will your limbs become clear and supple, but strong.
2) High Work Capacity for Intense Events: Your body becomes the living temple of you Soul, and Spirit.
3) Stamina for multiple events over a long duration: Your body will have stamina to perform optimally.
4) Incorrigible Endurance: Other forces will not be able to deter, interfere or intercept your existence.
5) Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual abilities increase.
6) Mental Fitness: Your minds will become sharper, and able to handle more.
7) Durability for a long career: You will be able to determine your career, and can’t be manipulated or controlled.

Hatha Yoga, creates physical, emotional, and mental flexibility.  This functions as an operational ability.  The more you practice and work corporately with your soul, the better your agility.  Your first year is about becoming nimble and agile on level One.    Hatha Yoga cultivates a strategic ability that enables long-term vision and the culmination and completion of the vision. In fact, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Adaptation through Natural Selection discuss the importance of physical and adaptive flexibility as agility capability, this translates into responsiveness or cycles, speed.  this functions as a type of protection and ultimately success for the Psion.

For your teaching papers and materials please see your package that has been mailed out to you.

Thank you for reading!

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