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Year 1: Mind Power
Year 1: Mind Power

  What is Mind Control and Why is it in the Program? Year 1 Last Update: Introduction ψ  Everyone has a mind, but not everyone is inclined to use it.  During our adolescence we forced to go through an education…

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What is Mind Control and Why is it in the Program?

Year 1

Last Update:


ψ  Everyone has a mind, but not everyone is inclined to use it.  During our adolescence we forced to go through an education program that is geared to give each individual equal opportunity to grow and use their minds.  They are held accountable to learn as much as possible to prepare them for life as an adult.  During these years some children embrace the use of their minds and they it expands such that between the studies and the expansion of their minds, the process brings out their own inner genie, or genius.  The culmination of studies and acumen is demonstrated not only in great grades but in their overall approach to life.  The learners as we shall call them see things not simply as objects but find deeper meaning and messages in the data and information.  They then use this skill to build a foundation and body of information which includes systems that gives them a head-start in terms of job and career prospects.  Personal mind control assures them great associates and opportunities that non learners are not afforded.  And based upon the particular way that they use their mind to think they become a very powerful asset not only to themselves but to everyone that is around them.  Mind power develops charisma, poise, and self-control.  This control radiates out of them like the rays and of the sun and they rarely fail at life as they have been trained to see all sides of the coin.  Their gifts also tend to make others feel better with their wisdom and compassion, smarter and happier.

The secret to their talent is not necessary that they are smarter, than anyone else but is due the fact they know how to use their mind as a faculty and their brain as the organ of that faculty.   This is the core secret to mind power.  It is never power over other people, but using the power of your wisdom and intelligence, your soul to create success.

This first year course you will learn to train your mind to be a disciplined faculty so that you will have at your disposal a Master and a Genie to assist you in developing all of your spiritual skills.  This will be accomplished over a six month period of time.

If you have acquired mental self discipline this course will be easy, if not then you might be challenged.  Regardless you are in for an amazing journey.  The journey of the mind and mental control.


The Purpose of Mind Control in Psionic Circles

The purpose of mind control, as hinted above is the ability to change the conditions of your world.  As you will learn, the change never starts with anything outside of you.  It always comes from within.  The source code is within your Soul and Spirit and it it unravels out into the rest of the world.  Your goal as a Psion is to develop absolute control over your mind.  You will then be able to bend the world into the things that you want, need, and deserve.



1) High Relative Strength: Not only will your limbs become clear and supple, but strong.
2) High Work Capacity for Intense Events: Your body becomes the living temple of you Soul, and Spirit.
3) Stamina for multiple events over a long duration: Your body will have stamina to perform optimally.
4) Incorrigible Endurance: Other forces will not be able to deter, interfere or intercept your existence.
5) Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual abilities increase.
6) Mental Fitness: Your minds will become sharper, and able to handle more.
7) Durability for a long career: You will be able to determine your career, and can’t be manipulated or controlled.

Mind Control, creates physical, emotional, and mental flexibility in every area of your like.  This functions as an operational ability.  The more you practice and work corporately with your soul, the better your abilities.  Your first year is about becoming intelligently open to change.  You will tune into your Number One   Mind Control cultivates a strategic ability that enables long-term vision and the culmination and completion of the vision. In fact, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Adaptation through Natural Selection discuss the importance of physical and adaptive flexibility as intelligence, mental flexibility and agility capability, this translates into faster responsiveness, or cycles, of  speed.  This functions as a type of protection and ultimately success for the Psion.

For your teaching papers and materials please see your package that has been mailed out to you.

Thank you for reading! 

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop my studies into skills. I have practiced Tarot for 20 years along with Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Spiritual Healing, Hebrew Mysticism, Theosophy, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Philosophy. I use all of these skills along with my background in Business, Counselling and Intuition to get to the stem root of every problem and to come up with creative Answers to heal the person from the Inside Out, and Outside In.

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