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Year 1: Psionic Basics 101
Year 1: Psionic Basics 101

ψ  The First Year is the Foundation and You Must Learn Psychic Basics.  This includes Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and the Rudiments of Psychometry.  These Basics are Important. What is Psionic Basis (101) and Why is it in the Program? Year 1…

ψ  The First Year is the Foundation and You Must Learn Psychic Basics.  This includes Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and the Rudiments of Psychometry.  These Basics are Important.

What is Psionic Basis (101) and Why is it in the Program?

Year 1


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ψ The topic of Psychism is both fascinating and can be a little scary for the average person, but it shouldn’t be for the Psion.

Psychic is defined as relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

Some common synonyms for Psychic include: a long list as follows: supernatural,  paranormal,   other-worldly,   supernormal,   preternatural,  metaphysical,  extrasensory,   transcendental,  magic,   magical,   mystical, mystic,   occult,   necromantic,  clairvoyant,  telepathic,   telekinetic,   spiritualistic ,  with second sight,   and with a sixth sense.   These words focus on the nature of Psychic phenomena.

The definition has further explanation of as relating to the soul, or the mind, which as you would have read are related.  The mind is the highest faculty of the Soul on certain planes of existence.   Synonyms for pschic mind include:

emotional,  spiritual,   inner,   cognitive,   psychological,  and intellectual.

The second definition and its synonyms relate to the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspect of the psychism.    Therefore, we start training our soul, or emotional, mental faculties towards perception beyond the five physical senses.  These are beyond normal, sight to clairvoyance, beyond normal hearing to clairaudience, beyond normal touch to psychometry, and psychic taste and smell.  During the first year of training you will find numerous explanation and training towards the end of learning to use these faculties, and then being able to control the sensations.  Training your full Personality and Soul leads to protection on those levels of perception.


A Brief History of European Laws of Witchcraft (Use of Magical Practices)

Witchcraft, is the facility to summon evil spirits and demons to do harm to others.  It is the use of the Soul and Spirit’s energy to afflict others when it is mal-aligned.  And while considered a dark art, the medieval Church had powers to punish those who dabbled in magic and sorcery. Its priests were able to exorcise those who had become possessed by malign spirits.  And the courts had little tolerance for perpetrators and hanged, burnt, and drowned those convicted of black magic, or the ill use of souls and spirits.

During the 16th century, many people believed that witchcraft, was the cause of sudden and unexpected ill-fortune, such as the death of a child, bad harvests, or the death of cattle.  In these cases it was evil thought-forms associated with dark spirits that inflicted harm on the innocent victims.

Witchcraft, then, was a crime punishable by death.  However, not many people actually practiced.  And because of men and women convicted who clearly were not practicing the craft, but had a family member who was jealous or envious as an enemy.  Religious tensions in England during the 16th and 17th centuries resulted in the introduction of serious penalties for witchcraft. Henry VIII’s Act of 1542 (33 Hen. VIII c. 8) was the first to define witchcraft as a felony, a crime punishable by death and the forfeiture of goods and chattels.[1] It was forbidden to:

… use devise practice or exercise, or cause to be devised practiced or exercised, any Invocation or conjurations of Spirits witchcrafts enchantments or sorceries to then intent … to waste consume or destroy any person in his body parts…

The Act also removed the benefit of clergy, a legal device that exempted the accused from the jurisdiction of the King’s courts, from those convicted of witchcraft. This statute was repealed by Henry’s son, Edward VI, in 1547 and restored by a new Act in 1562. A further law was passed in 1604 during the reign of James I who took a keen interest in demonology and even published a book on it.

In 1736 Parliament passed an Act repealing the laws against witchcraft, but imposing fines or imprisonment on people who claimed to be able to use magical powers.

In 1824 Parliament passed the Vagrancy Act under which fortune-telling, astrology and spiritualism became punishable offences.

The Act was repealed in 1951 by the Fraudulent Mediums Act which in turn was repealed in 2008.

You may ask how much of this information is important to the Psion?  The answer is clear.  The use of magical powers of the Soul and Spirit during the 16th and 17th century for the dark purposes limited and reduced the number of people who opening practiced magick.  This would have pushed the use underground and reduced the number of participants to those who were keen to attempt to practice without integrity.   It called for magical participants to through secret societies, covens and other devices to keep the purity of the arts alive which allowing those dark souls to die out.


The Purpose of Psychic Basics 101 in Psionic Circles

Throughout history, man has worked upon himself to evolve and become more.  It is natural and normal for creatures or being to develop and expand themselves.  This is seen throughout nature from the simple cell Amoeba to the most complex spiritual beings such as Angels.  All seek to improve their natural abilities in the most natural, healthy, and wholesome manner.  Humans have come to the end of their tether, so to speak in understanding their physical bodies, and now it is time to expand on their inner space.  Inner space starts with the Emotional or Astral Body and extends out through the Soul and Spirit bodies.  No man is master of himself until he has mastered all of these bodies.  And no man can remove himself from the wheel of life and death, and reincarnation until they have mastered their inner planes.

Just as we go through grades of kindergarten through to 12th grade in high school, there are grades of life lessons that each Soul and its accompanying spirit must go through.  The first and most basic lesson is understanding of the unique purpose of your physical body as it relates to the other bodies of your Personality complex, those being the Astral and Mental bodies, the lower vehicles of the Soul and Spirit.  You can not skip the lessons/grades and go to University (Universe)  until you demonstrate understanding, knowledge and wisdom.  What is Enlightenment, but the inner knowing of truth, and the completion of the life lessons.  You can not surrender the body in sacrifice and say that you are finished the lessons without going through the grades.  Just like you don’t get to become a Five Star General without going through and winning your battles.  The game of life is particular and specific.  The World Religions have lead people to believe in FibbyTales in place of truth.  They have done this both for the safety and security of humanity.

When you learn how to access your Soul and Spirit energies, you will know the truth from



1) High Relative Strength: Not only will your limbs become clear and supple, but strong.
2) High Work Capacity for Intense Events: Your body becomes the living temple of you Soul, and Spirit.
3) Stamina for multiple events over a long duration: Your body will have stamina to perform optimally.
4) Incorrigible Endurance: Other forces will not be able to deter, interfere or intercept your existence.
5) Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual abilities increase.
6) Mental Fitness: Your minds will become sharper, and able to handle more.
7) Durability for a long career: You will be able to determine your career, and can’t be manipulated or controlled.


Psychic Training, creates physical, emotional, and mental flexibility.  This functions as an operational ability.  The more you practice and work corporately with your soul, the better your agility.  Your first year is about becoming nimble and agile on level One.    Psychic practice cultivates a strategic ability that enables long-term vision and the culmination and completion of the vision. In fact, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Adaptation through Natural Selection discuss the importance of physical and adaptive flexibility as agility capability, this translates into responsiveness or cycles, speed in the mind, body and energy fields.  This functions as a type of protection and ultimately success for the Psion.

For your teaching papers and materials please see your package that has been mailed out to you.

Thank you for reading!


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