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Year 1:  Science: Planes, Biology, Anatomy
Year 1: Science: Planes, Biology, Anatomy

ψ The First Year is the Foundation and You Must Know Your Planes of Existence.  Some are Invisible and Non Real, Others are Physical and Tangible, But they All are Important.  This is considered the basics. And  It is  Important.…

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ψ The First Year is the Foundation and You Must Know Your Planes of Existence.  Some are Invisible and Non Real, Others are Physical and Tangible, But they All are Important.  This is considered the basics. And  It is  Important.

What is Year One Science and Why is it in the Program?

Year 1

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ψ The first year of study at Psionic Circles will seem like a full load for many people.  Although there are only 12 units, these units will not be found to be merely theoretical , but will have exercises that are that are very important to your success.  These exercises lead to your personal and group experience.  And you will be tested.  This unit is made up of three subjects.  They are the Three Primary Planes of Existence, and the Sciences; Biology, Anatomy and Physiology.  These subjects will be outlined as traditional subjects for those how are unfamiliar or perhaps a bit rusty in their base knowledge and then the topics will extend into Psionic practice.


Planes of Existence

We will start with the Three Primary Planes of Existence which are the Physical, Astral or Emotional Plane as it is sometimes called, and we will end with the the Mental Plane.  In truth there are actually countlessly planes of existence.  Quantum Theory and in particular Superstring theory suggests that are 10 dimensions for each universe.  And  according to New Scientist there may be as many as 10 to the 500 universes.  These do not include parallel universes.  As this is the first year the first three will serve as a foundation for learning and there will be four others during the next 3 years.  These have been postulated and described by the greatest minds in history from Western Philosophy’s Kabbalistic writers, through to Aristotle and Plato onward to the Eastern World’s Buddhism, Hinduism, and the proponents of Ancient Wisdom.  In this course we will be covering their existence, vehicles, and what one sees within their planes.

As mentioned, while we discuss the planes we  will outline the special vehicles that nature has given man to navigate through them.   These vehicles have specialized attributes that allow each and every person the means to not only to use them, but the internal intellect and wisdom required to be successful in their use in each of their respective domains.  We begin with the familiar and develop a better understanding of the importance of the physical body and its role through time and space.  In our experience, we have observed that many people tend to take their bodies for granted, not knowing or understanding its importance.  We hope with the teaching and training give humanity a better understanding of why we have the body and how it interacts with the other two bodies, the Astral and the Mental bodies.  Understanding their key interrelations will help you find your key place not only in society, but in the world.  This is not only a gift to you, but a gift to society.  Enough talk about the physical body and its related plane.  The Astral Plane and its body is the next subject.

While we have a fairly good understanding of the physical body because of its gross, dense nature,  the Astral Plane is an important location of which many people are completely unaware.  Briefly, the Astral Plane is an environment that is unique in setting, nature, and  characteristics.  If the physical plane is a plane of three dimensions, the Astral Plane is the plane with multiple dimensions.    And the Astral body, its designated vehicle is made up of very fine etheric matter.  It is this body that moves through time and space especially when we are sleeping.  We will delve deeply into this subject in the course. Onward to the last of the last of the three Primary Planes of Existence which is the Mental Plane.

The Mental Plane is the Plane of Abstraction and Creation.  It is connected to Infinite Intelligence and is inhabited by entities that are very different than those of the Astral Plane, although they may have once existed in the Astral Planes.  Our body of navigation is the mental body which has its specific operation and functions.  It is infinitely important to the Soul and the Spirit of the Individual.  The Psion must learn about and more important experience each of these planes, eventually leading to mastery over all of them.


This first year unit of science starts with Biology.   It starts off as a refresher course of the basic aspects of biology in Nature.  Next we refresh our memory and introduce the topic of Anatomy and Physiology.  Most people may remember aspects of Anatomy, but this course will be a little different as we made the subject personal and global.  The victims of the COV19 is evidence that basic structure and function of the body should be reviewed.  And in this course we have made sure that the key concepts and key terms of biology and anatomy with physiology are are understood.

After we have reviewed the key concepts and terms we will look at these concepts as they related to our newly discovered physical, astral, and mental planes and vehicles.   Upon completion everyone should be able to relate differently and start perfecting the use of their bodies.  The Three Primary Planes of Existence Concepts will be used and important for all of the other sciences through out the program.  The key is to learn how to use each of the elements of the bodies to their fullest capacity.  This ensures health, wealth, and overall success in life.


The Purpose of Planes of  Existence and the Sciences in Psionic Circles

The reason for learning about the planes of existence and their vehicles we will apply the knowledge and wisdom gleaned to the the biological sciences in particular anatomy and physiology.  As a Psion you will need to learn how to use each of your bodies to navigate their respective planes.  This is not only to keep you alive and healthy but it is also to ensure that you are the best version of yourself for higher order work and applications of directing force, and energy towards the betterment of yourself and  humanity.


1) High Relative Strength to the use of know and some unknown laws of reality.
2) Perfection of Your body temple as the living temple for your Soul, and Spirit.
3) Your body will have stamina to perform optimally.
4) Other forces will not be able to deter, interfere or intercept your existence.
5) Physical, Mental, and Spiritual abilities increase.
6) Your minds will become sharper, and able to handle more.
7) You will be able to determine your career, and correct place in life and can’t be manipulated or controlled.


For your teaching papers and materials please see your package that has been mailed out to you.

Thank you for reading!

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